My First Writing Family in Tarrant County

When I first moved to Tarrant County, back in 2011, it took me quite a while to find a writing organization to be a part of–one that fostered and catered to my style of artistry.
Failing to find any in the area that matched my specific areas of interests and overall goals as a writer, I decided to reach out to and network with other writers, via Facebook, and came across these 3 wonderful individuals.
Sharon Osbourne, Charlene McGowan, and Barbara McGowan, 3 accomplished authors and brilliant wordsmiths, blessed me with their presence, one warm and muggy, August, Texas morning, at a small cafe in Arlington, TX.
And, though I wasn’t a member of some big-time book club, that day, I did find a literary family to call my own.
When I began working with these wonderful ladies, back in 2012, and, when we first met, the creative connection that was instantaneously forged is one that that persist to this day.
Their encouragement, their knowledge of the craft, their professionalism, their intense passion for the language arts, and their warm and accepting demeanor all made for the perfect type of environment a young budding writer needed to grow.
I thank God for bringing these wonderful individuals into my life, to aid me in my journey of becoming the type of writer He has envisioned.
They are my writing heroines!

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