(Poem) My Voice for Royalty

2Q==This piece was featured in my published anthology,
Product of the Storm.


-A king is someone sitting up all night–

shotgun in his lap–waiting for headlights.

-A boss is he that trades slumber and never blinks,

remaining cool with his family’s safety at the brink.

-A true soldier is one that knows when not to shoot.

-This is why they marched the street peacefully, without the combat boots.

-They saw their dads, moms, brothers, and wives among,

those who were raped, sprayed, roasted or hung.

-Warriors are not shaken by the depths of horror.

-Through chaos and suffering,

they remained the solid rocks of order.

-When others caved, accepting what was,

they were spit upon and stained, with food, for the cause.

-The real queen sat still, when a giant ordered her to depart.

-The size of his hate couldn’t match the love in her heart.

-Are you a diva?  Hold hands with your man as he sheds blood.

-Feel the water hose with him, and be flung to the mud.

-She led them away from the life of a slave.

-She wasn’t glitzy, prideful, conceited or flashy. But, a glorious road she did pave.

-I will never undermine anyone’s modern-day success.

-But, you can never convince me to love you strictly off your desire to impress.

-If you do great actions solely for praise,

you’ve truly been birthed toxic haze.

-It’s about how much you give back to the world and how many you’ve empowered.

-You see a giant in the mirror, but you’re truly a coward.

-Kings and queens shed noble blood to make things right.

-They suffered for blacks as equally, as they did for whites.

-They were slaughtered so that you’d learn not to judge.

-They shattered hatred so that you may not ever hold a grudge.

-So, the next time you want to throne yourself, show some respect,

to your ethnicity’s history you shy away from and neglect.

-Actors, models, singers, or rappers, couldn’t care less if I died, and my face they’d quickly forget.

-Instead, I honor those that gave their lives for me, even though we never once met.

2Q==This piece was featured in my published anthology,
Product of the Storm.



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