(Poem) Curse of the Law

-Any curse catastrophically carried out ceases to thwart.
-All Cain’s charisma is canceled, clipped and cast to sea. 
-The blood, wood, and nail’s mixture detoxifies any blemish of men’s hearts and repels any reptilian tongue’s degree. 
-Let’s adore him who stifled timeless hexes.
-Those stubby infant fingers are crushers of the grave.
-What petty and pathetic Walk of Fame could rival against the revival embedded with the road He paves?
-The pitch black caves man once wandered—the psyches of the former enslaved with their doomed fates engraved in its walls—now bleeds with lights that save. 
-And when that bitten apple—induced by that serpent of the gravel—required a soul’s trade, what’s a Warren Buffet account, to the price he paid?
-How could hell dare to attempt to expel his holy raid?
-Let’s adore the splicer of dimensions. 
-For the same reason the stubby fingers and hairs of your infant daughter and sons are numbered,
-This King took the form of the slave.

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