(Poem) Friend?…On Stand By

-You might consider to possibly entertain such thoughts of true virtue.

-Why do I stand by?

-Just lend the most minuscule of time, to explore this notion.

-Don’t you hear?

-Is it so hard to cause your conscience the slightest commotion?

-You think you’re not getting enough pay

to entertain that thought,

but it’s what I ask every day.

-I’ll ask it again for you, my so-called brother or sister.

-My voice elevated this time.

-Don’t mistake it as anger.

-Why as the times go by

does my face fade to a stranger?

-What is our friendship for?

-Why in the world do I


-Come on friend.

-It’s taking you too long to simply…


-You think you’re the ultimate kin, don’t you? 

-Isn’t that what you say?

-Then, convince me why.

-What’s wrong– 

no ample comradery

to look me in my eye?

-Do I chuckle as your answer amuses me?

-Or, wait.

-Did you mistake that with what’s really a cry?

-I thought I heard a
mouth infested with rotten worms say, “You know I got your back anytime, bro”.

-Love is actions and never words.

-Don’t speak before knowing where your heart lies.

-I was your friend no matter your ethnicity.

-Don’t deny.

-And, still i stand by.

-The man and women in your mirror looks puzzled.  

-Do you know 

I’m speaking to you yet?

-Well, I’ll break it down for viper sensors to grasp.

-My heart to be yours is what I’ll bet.

-It is me that reminds you

and, yet,

I’m the soul blamed for why you forget.

-But, I stand by

and simplify

with no regret.

-Go ahead and credit them.

“You know…them.

The ones that posses the, “I’m sorry for your troubles”,

and the,“I’m always here for you’s”

and the “I’ll pray for you’s.”

-Their motivation is nothing
but phlegm.

-Is that what they feed you in the trials of your troubled days?

-Tell me now.

-Was that not love to take the time to actually show you the unpleasant,
but just, ways?

-I willingly hauled your anger, depression, sorrow, and you, still,
gave me gave no praise.

-I stole time not possessed for late night e-mails and groggy phone calls.
-I’d help to try and guide you through any maze.

-I desired no reward though for my actions.

Instead, I let just off an exhausted… “siiigh”.

-As you laugh, our lives drift into a dark abyss and years fade sleekly.

-Why don’t you cancel on them all the time

and ignore their advice that they provide

for your soul to be freed?  

-A real friend can’t be given, sold, or bought.

-Will they be there in old age when your bones began to dissolve
and your skin begins to becomes un-taut?

-I think not.

-But, you knew that before I told you.

-You know why 

they wont stand by,

not like I.

-I judge our friendship not
by the harvest, but by the seed.

-But, what did u do instead?

-“My friend”, you traded our time for selfish and pointless deed.

-My sisters of another mother did it for men full of tricks.

-Must be some kind joke to submit to wills, so sick.

-Any excuse to not become just and clean your trash;

your lies are oil slicks.

-You did not
even think to notify
me wit a simple call or message.

-Something doesn’t click.

-And, I am beyond understanding.

-I know of life’s mishaps and how fate goes.

-But, you insult intelligence when something to comes up  like 6/7 times in a row.

-You deny me the right to display anger for obvious crimes?

-Oh how I could tell you your brutal
punishment, but I’d rather let the times.

-Until the day you find out why…I still stand by.

-Stop telling me I’m making a big deal of nothing.

-I’m not grumpy, bitter, or lonely.

-You counter from conviction with a lie!

-I see my effort is futile.
-Why do I even try?

-Go partake in your unworthy
agenda without hesitation.

-Don’t even disgrace me with “goodbye”.

Image courtesy of “Prawny” at http://www.morguefile.com
©All Rights Reserved/The Stormy Poet 2015



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