(Poem) Hers to Live For

Note: If you know me, you know that I’m extremely biased when it comes to our great state of Texas.  I love living here and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, ‘cept maybe Mississippi when I retire.  It is only fitting that I dedicate a piece to such a fine state.  Long live Texas baby!

(My Poem About Texas)


-I live for her cotton filled skies.

-My existence is made worthy by the field’s hazy glow.

-I honor the hawk’s trail in her heavens

and the spicy fire ants that tunnel below.


-My hometown is her son she raised with pride.

-So technically, we’re relatives by a blood that’s red, white, and blue.

-My friends and family are also her grandsons and daughters that reside.

-It’s due to this very fact that, in my heart, honor and pride brew.


-It has a heart colored white.

-It has five points, which it boast.

-It is size, beauty, folks, moral and might.

-That’s from the dusty panhandle to the hurricane’s coast.


-The hustle and bustle of the city

are Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

-The skylines they boast, silhouetting the dark, make me giddy.

-If she is a kingdom, each are a palace.


-The laid-back and country life are here, too.

-Soak up a beer in Laredo, Hill County, or Navarro.

-A lasso’s whirl challenges you from Ft. Worth and Prairie View.

-The scorpion dares you, with its tail, in El Paso.


-My niece compliments her soft blue bed of bloom.

-It’s no different that countless tykes throughout past centuries.

-She generated the smiles of the photos of her room.

-I desperately long to honor such resonating memories.


-She nurtured my woman, to go on to amaze my being.

-At both of our youths, we trotted her wildlife with shoes not needed.

-Our commotion and mischief sent the squirrel fleeing.

-But, our presence is what the dragonfly pleaded.


-I live for the rays that churn her skies.

-The flashes are as the sun, followed by a vicious roar.

-Deep within the anvil’s core the ice of hell resides.

-Any shelter is made cratered by its pour.


-I live for her people’s positive power.

-It’s one that no flag or enmity can destroy.

-It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood that our state towers.

-To the rest of the world, may we spread a Texas kind of joy.


-With the pristine glory she yields,

there’s too many to reasons to count why we’re blessed natives?

-It’s an awesomeness the Maker empowered her to wield.

-Never deny me your being Texas.
-Never deny me your reasons to live.


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