(Poem) Catch My Drift

-I pray you’ve found a spot to claim.

-Christ will willingly provide it to give sane a name.


-You won’t need a perfect palace of peace.

-You’ll still have worries, but, at least,
their nagging will soon cease.


-It’s possible that man shall not master in finding this.

-So, I figure why look?

-Just sit back, and enjoy nature’s bliss.


-For once, obtain capacity to be in awe of a sunrise.

-Take lessons from the little ones that think of a small sunflower as a prize.


-Does the world beg you to jump off the cliff?

-Well, tell them you’re too busy enjoying the view to lay in a canyon stiff.


-Your midget of a boss can use their authority to haze you.

-So, just go run!

-Run the track, after work, ‘til your face is blue.


-Exercise ‘til your limbs want to explode.

-But, please, don’t take your weapon to work.

-Ignore the hellish road.


-Despite what a hectic world says, search the heavenly night eyes.

-Take comfort in paradise dotted through the skies.


-Stay at home with your child.

-Their company will fulfill you more than to go party and act wild.


-These are the gifts, the world claims not to possess, which restore reason and sanity.

-The world will blind you to them out of starvation of amity.


-However, still, you have no luxury to complain.

-You’ll just have to make yourself smarter.

-Can you not find serenity in a world gone mad?

-Well, you’ll just have to look harder.

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