What Is the True Definition of “Loving Yourself?”

Don’t expect anyone to fall in love with you until you can effectively learn to love yourself.  People, the ones actually worthy of your commitment, are attracted to those who have genuine love for themselves.
What are some attributes that are indicative of a healthy self-love?”

1. They Watch Their Health
People who love themselves put an emphasis on taking care of their health.
I’m not saying you have to run four and a half miles a every day or that you should be able to max out at 300 lbs. on the bench press. However, people who love themselves make time to work out regularly, avoid putting garbage in their bodies (junk food), and make time to get an adequate of sleep. Incorporating at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, adding at least two veggies or fruits to every meal, and getting 8 hours of sleep simple lifestyle habits that greatly contribute to the quality of your well-being.
People who love themselves know that they can’t be the best them they can be without taking care of their health.
2. They Stay True To Themselves
People practice self-honesty. If you promise something or make commitments to yourself, don’t cheat yourself by not following through. It is possible to stop trusting your own word, if you keep that type of poor behavior up for long enough.
People who don’t trust themselves don’t make goals and strive for the truly meaningful things in life, because they no longer have any faith in their own word and don’t believe that they’re capable of success. That means that person will exist in a constant state of stagnancy and regression. HOW MISERABLE!
3. Their Lives Aren’t a Swing Door for Others
People who love themselves set realistic, specific and firm standards as to how others, who are involved in their lives, are to conduct themselves, and they don’t make exceptions or bend the rules for anyone, when it comes to those guidelines. They know when it is time to let people go who aren’t adhering to their standards and realize that toxic, loveless, and negative relationships are something they can live without.
4. They Realize Their Status in the Universe
People who love themselves realize they’re children of God, and that they’re equal with everyone else.
They realize they’re better than no one and that no one is better than them.
They know they don’t have to compare themselves to others and focus on being the best version of themselves they can be.
5. They Take Time for Self-Reflection
It’s crucial to monitor the state and evolution of your thoughts, emotions, motives, and passions, just like it’s important to monitor your bank account or your weight on a frequent basis.
People who love themselves regularly take time, out of their busy schedules, to meditate, pray, and just reflect on how they’re evolving, as an individual, not just on what their social or financial status is.

These are the attributes of people who genuinely love themselves.
It is important to remember, it is your who has to make the conscious choice to love yourself. No one can come until you life and love yourself for you.
So, with all that being said, the question is, DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?

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  1. Reblogged this on When Love Begins ♡ and commented:
    Makes sense!


  2. I agree that when you Love Yourself, time for health and self-reflection are very important. I personally know that I cannot be good to anyone else if I first, do not take time to be Good to Myself and have Life Balance! To me, Life Balance means having time for self-reflection, weekly exercise, time for church, family, and friends. Life Balance for me also means getting an adequate amount of sleep and sometimes just taking time out for relaxing. For me, I rarely mess with my sleep time because I know rest is very important for me to be productive. I also believe that to have Life Balance you must have a Plan for various things in life. For me to maintain a sense of balance in my life I rarely “wing it” and this means I stay Disciplined and have a Plan and Schedule for things in my life.

    Great and informative post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, “E”! You bring additional very beneficial commentary to the presented topic. Church is incredibly important in keeping your faith strong and rejuvenating your spirit.

      I especially like your comment about getting enough sleep. I understand that one must miss sleep, from time to time, to handle certain responsibilities and to deal with many things life can throw at you. But, not getting adequate amounts of rest shouldn’t be a nightly thing nor something that takes place every single week.

      Sleep, in this day an age, is seen as something that is a waste of time and not very important, but is needed for “you” to the best “you.”

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your example of how you personally carry yourself in life. It is an example we can all learn from. mos def 🙂

      I hope your day is positive and stress-free. 🙂


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