The Blindside (Racism in a Nutshell)

The Blindside
(Racism in a Nutshell) 

     An ordained chosen few and I have decided to unite in a newly found hatred of ours.  It’s hatred with incredible merit, and it should be practiced by most without in-depth questioning.  We will spread this belief among our closest friends, our present family, and to our children’s children’s children.

     It provides the perfect justification for extreme violence and terror.  We will exert tireless energy and countless man hours to serve and promote it.  We will leak it into politics so that it one day it may become law, so that people will just chalk it up to cliché responses like, “That’s just the way it is” and “At least, we don’t have it as bad as other countries” and normalize it.

     We will breed generational hostility and hatred from the victims that we persecute and torture.  They, in turn, will gain animosity and vengeance for our sons and daughters, for centuries to come.  Our sons and daughters will question and ask us why the victims’ offspring have such a hatred for them.  We will tell our sons and daughters, “It’s just because they’re irrational, loud, prideful, greedy, and immoral.”

     We will ignore any contributions, technological advancements, positive attributes, or future achievements they make to this country, and claim them as our own. 

     Their sons and daughters can’t mate with our sons and daughters because we know what genes are fit for survival.  They will dwell long lives in the world of the negativity and intolerance, which we’re responsible for.  So, what is the fuming and bitter source of our endless rage?  It is a design, so flawed, that makes everyone who is associated with it less than a human.

    The answer is, “stripes.”  We hate and wish nothing more than to destroy this disgusting, hideous, and not-fit-to-exist design. Those who support stripes, in any way, will exist as our sworn enemy for life.

     Those who wear any pattern or color of stripes are considered in our eyes less than human.  Even though we breathe the same air, our arteries pump the same blood, and we can die just as easily, they must be punished for their choice.  

     The criteria for the violation to occur are pretty easy to understand.  Any bars, in a repetitive pattern, of color that are next to each other and aren’t the same color will be considered as stripes.  And, we will not tolerate it.  Stripes are stupid because they are different.

     The derogatory word we use to describe those wearing stripes is called Zebas or Z’s for short.  This is derived from the word Zebra.  We took off the “R” because it’s easier on the tongue when we shout it viciously to our enemies.

     We’re overjoyed at the slaughter of those who are stripped in any nature.  We take great pleasure in taking fathers from sons and mothers from daughters (vice versa).  They deserve their misery.  Hell…we even burn Ronald McDonald dolls in public because of his striped costume.

     Our hatred does not stop at people ‘cause we love to hate to the fullest extent.  To make it clear to all fellow hate supporters about all of items and people we despise, we’ve compiled a list of them for them. Please review: 

The Following Things to Hate: 

  1. American Flags

  1. K-Swiss shoes

  1. Zebras (the real ones)

  1. soldiers that receive stripes

  1. Rainbow Gum

  1. prison suits

  1. actual rainbows

  1. the confederate flag

  1. The atmosphere of the planet Jupiter is kind of striped. We hate that, too.

  1. The Star Spangled Banner (because it’s about the American Flag)

  1. Waldo

  1. Steve Erkel’s shirts

  1. parking lots

  1. The paper that I’m writing this on

  1. Etc…

     The rules are quite simple.  Support stripes in any form or fashion, and we’ll kill you.




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