Kicking God out of Everything

It’s amazing to me that man can think so highly of himself, in the sense that he doesn’t need God for guidance nor for salvation or that there is no sufficient evidence of His existence.
Some people believe in the concept of a higher power or spirituality, but that the entity, itself, is not working intravenously working in our lives on a daily basis nor that it has implemented laws which give us guidelines as to how we are to conduct our behavior and navigate through a sinful world.
And, that’s all good and dandy if you don’t take into account in there’s been an enemy who has sworn, since the dawn of mankind, to destroy ever part of mankind’s being–an enemy with a higher intellect and wit than our own.
That being said, don’t you think an enemy with such a disdain and a vendetta against you would want to keep you arrogant enough to think you don’t need protection and guidance in an evil world?
Don’t you think that enemy wouldn’t want you to know your origins so that you wouldn’t really know what you were truly created for or what your purpose is?  Because, it’s mighty hard to find out where you’re going if you don’t truly understand where you originated.
Don’t you think that enemy would want you to cringe and get offended every time the word “God” or “Jesus” even gets mentioned?  That way, every person who tries to share their faith with you can just be dismissed as a Jesus freak, a religious nut, someone who has succumb to a method of mass control, or who just believes in God because their parents told them to, not someone who has a personal relationship with their Maker.
Don’t you think that enemy would want you to emotionally exhaust yourself by watching the depressing, doom and gloom evening news bombards you with, so you think there’s no hope for mankind whatsoever–the notion, “Why try to change anything when the world is going to crap anyway?”
Don’t you think that enemy would want us to argue and bicker, to distract us from working together, seeing the bigger picture, or intimately connecting as global brothers and sisters?
That enemy would want us to destroy each other.
It would want us to needlessly debate over things like gun control instead of focusing on the root of these issues of our society–which in that specific case is a toxic culture of violence and hyper-masculinity which promotes corrupted such as labeling compassion, empathy, respect, and restraint as weak, wimpy, girly, or being a sissy, when that definitely of “masculinity” fits, in no way, to what God’s definition of a being a man is.
I don’t mention God’s name on this page very lightly for the simple fact His name, within itself, is nothing to spout loosely.  His name is not just some household name to mention in small talk or when you’re trying to prove a point.
He is my creator.
He is my savior.
He is my provider, my counselor, my healer, my general, and my rock.
He is the creator of worlds, and is infinitely greater than I.
He wants to be these things to all of his children but can when we make our own intellect, pride, ego, and fear the kings of our lives.  He will not interfere if we’ve already decided we don’t want Him there.
I don’t play with his name, or throw it around to try and prove how Christian I am.  It’s a name only to be mentioned for the benefit of Him.
But, I NEED Him daily.  I call out to Him.  He talks to me and guides me in every moment.
He has proven His faithfulness in a ways to me in which I can’t deny He is living.  I don’t just believe in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit because my pastor or my mother taught me.
God wants to protect us from this enemy, but He can’t.  The reason why–we kicked him out of EVERYTHING.  We kicked him out of our televisions, our jobs, our marriages, our families, our schools, and even our country. And like a gentlemen, he will gladly respect our free will.
Yet, we scream out and blame him for things like Katrina, 9/11, VA Tech, wars, poverty, global warming, or we say, “If there is a God, how could he let happen?”
We demand that he shows himself in times of tragedy, and, yet, we get sorely uncomfortable and offended when he is brought up at other times.
If you are a non-believer, I know that just writing this for you won’t make you believe in God, and that is okay.  But, if I’m so wrong about everything I’ve just said, then you have nothing to lose and will challenge God to reveal Himself to you and that He is real.  If you desire to know absolute truth and if He truly exist in the nature he declares that He does, invite Him to show you.  Drop you pride, be patient, and wait for Him to reveal Himself.  He always has to those who’ve asked, and He always will.
That is the only reason to believe He exist and to follow Him, not just because a preacher or I said that you should.
And, when He does reveal himself, it’s time for you to stop kicking Him out of everything, and incorporating His will and everything.

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