(Poem) My Formal Address to isis (I Know Why You Kill)

My Dearly Blindfolded isis,

I fashion this letter in love—tough love—and not resentment or hate.

To loathe such a force is to give it too much power and respect.

I am what you would call, by your gross generalizations and judgments, your typical infidel, addressing you right now.  And, since I’m an infidel, whatever I say in this letter shouldn’t offend you or inspire more hatred, because that would empower those like me.

You should be capable of digesting every word of this letter without the slightest graze of guilt to your ethics or moral conflict, right?

And, I may be your stereotypical, 9-to-5 office rat, but being a battle-tested soldier or World Religion scholar is not required to be a proper evaluator of men’s hearts.

I don’t have to be those things to know why.  I know why you breed fear amongst the Middle East.  It’s because the “conscience” tool has been appointed to every man’s heart—the kind that leans, not on logic, but on principles of “right and wrong”, which is why millions of men, women, and children soon will sing joyful praise in the promotion of your demise.

Fear is your greatest weapon, but it’s nowhere near invincible in the presence of its natural enemy and biggest threat, HOPE.  You copycat blueprints of the Nazi Regime, the mafia, and the Roman Empire.

I know why you pillage and plunder.  Because, in your hearts, you are your own gods, desiring unearned and undeserved property as your thrones.  You appease, not Allah, but your greed—the greed that has warped your mind into thinking looting could ever be a righteous or dutiful act.

I know why you hate—the smokers, the drinkers, the infidels.  Not because you are stern or disciplined, but because your hearts are too weak to bare, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy.

If God is patient enough to allow them time for salvation without coming to smite and brutalize his creation then, why are you incapable of doing so?  Who gave you the right of His vengeance?

Why would God create tolerance?  Why would he create the respect?  Why would He create the humanity, the dignity, and the regard for human life, you so exceedingly neglect?

What if someone never gave you that same time?  How dare you judge the sinners, you once were, and deny them time to renew their hearts?

And, as organized as you are, one would think you’d be smart enough to know that those who rule with hate, all throughout history, no matter how strong and systematized they became, will crumble and be crushed under their own corruption.

The spirit, love, bravery, and hope builds and erupts in the hearts of masses to bring about the uprising that leads to the destruction of venality that oppresses them.

I know why you behead the defenseless, even if you don’t.  The intellect, the comprehension, the common sense, the forethought, and the perception, all formulate within the mind.

It’s only natural you’d seek to destroy it because of your illogical fear of it.

Your attempts to obliterate men’s privilege of obtaining knowledge, of disagreeing with you, of contemplation and of free will is testament to how severely afraid you are of the true nature of your own motives—arrogant motives of being some “martyrs of legend,” not out of service to The Maker.

Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, and Maya Angelou, never spilled blood, which makes them far mightier and illustrious than any dreams your mind was capable of producing.  The positive and glorious effects of their remedial blueprints ripple blissfully through time and space.

When could someone ever call you a healer, a deliverer, a beacon of peace, a comforter, one who empowers, or a strengthener?  Why would God create man, just for you to destroy?

Instead of being the promoters of faith, through example, you childishly and recklessly crowned yourself, as enforcer.

Still, isis, even with all those reasons to pray for your slow and agonizing demise and death, I choose to pray for something that actually matters.  I choose to pray this way because “Vengeance is mine,” said The Almighty.

My human wrath is meaningless, void, and empty.  His wrath stands as righteous, perfectly calculated, tutelary, and just.  It is His, solely, to carry out.

I pray this way, for it’s the teens and young adults that are meant to be guided, protected, endowed, and blessed, not sent to be life stealers and baby bludgeoners.

Simply put, I pray for your weary and pale hearts.

Without a personal relationship with The Maker, one where he speaks to you daily like the one He has with me, how could you accurately know His will?

We can’t correctly interpret it without His help from the start.

And this, my brothers…yes, you are my brothers and children of God…this is why you kill.


With Love,
Child of God


I’m going to spread this letter as far as I can so that your most powerful weapon continues to diminish and falter.  isis and whoever has chosen to follow them, may the entire world be intimidated by you, no longer.

The Prissy: American Beauty
is a poem featured my second published upcoming anthology,
A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat,”


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