(Poem) More Than They Know

-So diverse and ambitious,
they come in waves that never end.
-I’ve been appointed the duty of being educationally nutritious.
-It’s an unintended purpose for me to so regularly lend. 

-For, these unshaped minds desire knowledge,
whether it’s for what they want or do not want to do
with the rest of their lives.
-So, who am I not to help polish
their misshaped points of view. 

-And, as they undergo my tutelage, I’m regularly shocked of how many lessons they extend to me—
ones, which I could’ve never knew that, for years, would glow.
-I’m absorbing more enlightenment than I’ve ever dreamt, by their learning rates and tones.
-They teach me just as much and more so than they’ll ever know.

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