(Poem) What the World Needs


-A better me, is what this cold and bitter world needs,
not a more charismatic preacher or a more honorable politician.
-It’s dependent on me sowing the seeds
of healthy relationships, continuity, and understanding,
not party loyalty or religion. 

-It needs none of my stubbornness or rigid beliefs.
-It can’t use high strung judgments or wordy debates.
-What it thirst for is a desperate relief,
from the hostile environments my critical heart can create. 

-What’s it need of my culture that brags
or that trades soul for validation?
-To worship this modern god, swag,
requires that humility lags, procrastination drags, and motivation sags,
promoting my vain fame fixation. 

-It has no room for ego
nor me not finding purpose.
-’Cause, countless paths we go
are determined by what my self-perceived worth is. 

-So, rather than to preach what’s wrong with everyone else,
how about I not be afraid to profess flaws of myself,
stop splurging on notions that satan sells,
and stop promoting my career over my health. 

-Thus, what good can one do while not seeing through eyes of love?
-Is any other method fit to banish the world’s great terrors?
-When holding our fellow man’s best interests dear,
we can enforce the discreteness of
stealth jets but, also, the gentleness of doves.
-World betterment can and must start with the man in the mirror.


With Warm Regards,


Note: This piece is featured in my second published anthology, A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat.  For the book descripition, to experience more poetry like this, or to obtain your own physical or electronic version of this published work, please feel free to view to the book profile on Amazon today, by clicking on the link: A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat (Physical Copy and/or eBbook).

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