Dear Ladies, Please Stop Trying to Lose Weight

I’d like to challenge you to STOP TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT.  That’s right, YOU HEARD ME.
Let go of all the diets, the weight loss pills, the Lap-Bands, etc.
Just stop it.
You’ve been through enough of this crap already–the constant pressure to fit a certain image sold to you by corporate America.  Don’t put yourself through it another day.
They’ve been pushing you to be skinny since you were like 4 years old, with their Barbie Doll propaganda.
And, the reason I challenge you to do that is because I’m fed up with you all feeling like you don’t have the right to accept yourselves as you are, all over a concept that doesn’t matter to begin with. Death_to_stock_Dinner_damo_6
It’s not about BEING SKINNY;
it’s about BEING HEALTHY. “Being healthy” is what’s truly of value in life.
“Being healthy” should always be the goal over appearance.
A healthy woman, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is what’s truly sexy and desirable.
It’s healthiness that glows and radiates out of you, through your eyes, teeth, skin, nails, and hair.
It has little to do with being skinny or even being curvy and thick for that matter. Stop striving to fulfill these images that are shoved down your throat in virtually every form of entertainment. photo-1437913135140-944c1ee62782It’s deeper than appearance.
Putting the focus on being healthy is what will improve your sex drive.
It is what will promote your longevity so that you can actually live long enough to see your children get older and actually meet your grandchildren.
A healthy woman is conscious of everything she puts in her body.DeathtoStock_Spring2
(You are what you eat)
She realizes her body is a sacred temple eats accordingly.
A healthy woman stays out dysfunctional, negative, and toxic relationships instead of stubbornly staying in one—therefore avoiding tons of unneeded emotional stress.
She gets ample amounts of sleep.
She stays healthy by letting her hair a look a little messy sometimes instead of putting a ton chemicals on her head everyday.
You won’t get healthy by STARVING yourself;  It’s about NOURISHING YOURSELF. fPuLkQNXRUKI6HQ2cMPf_IMG_4761I challenge you to stop putting so much emphasis on looking good and to put the emphasis back on FEELING GOOD.
Stop counting calories, and start counting nutrients.

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