(Poem) God-Struck

-Over the hill, they galloped their charge.
-The bolts illuminated the airborne sky towers—so large.
-The invisible force driving cloud fury
gives whiffs of mercy, too—here to quench the weary.
-Those oak leaves rustle restlessly but not out of fear.
-They’re just anxious their oasis is rumbling nearer.
-He flicked the current in their favor.
-So, courtesy of the epic sky, it’s the Gulf they’ll savor.
-Though our world carelessly carried curses and ungrateful moans,
His nature and Him had private talks of their own.
-The gargantuan gale is welcomed by the sparrow, turtle and squirrel.
-They don’t mistake malice in shock waves that  thunderheads hurl.
-For, they’ve knowledge it’s their signal to be rejoicedas  luscious drops engage in their hymn of the moist.
-So, in this glorious display,
I learned, in some aspects, it’s not only mankind that prays.
-Even in drought, flora and fauna display no impatience nor run amuck.
-His hope is, we may imitate their likeness.
-Allow roaring skies and peaceful puddles to make you God-

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