Having Trouble Finding a Good Man/Woman?

DeathtoStock_Spring7I’ve been in that dreadful situation before, ladies and gentlemen—where it just seems like no matter who you try to approach, they’re either not looking or already have someone.
It especially stinks when you really are hitting it off with someone–I’m talking like, you’re a 2-hours-deep into conversation with someone and really connecting with them–and, then, when you ask if you may get to know them, they drop the “I’m already seeing someone” bomb on you.
The people that do show you the time of day seem to only give you the runaround and to play mind games as to what they’re true intentions are.
They give you all of the charisma and charm that some having a romantic interest in you would, in the beginning, only to start blowing you off or to let you know they’re “just not that into you” in the end.
Not to mention the guys and girls running around town in the “sexual conquest”  phase of their lives.  Most of that crowd will pretty much will say and do anything to get what they want out of you.
It can seem just downright hopeless and even unfair at times. That being said, it’s not the time to grow bitter, and start posting self-pitty memes on Facebook about how they’re no faithful men/women out there anymore.  Also, it’s definitely not the time to grow envious of others who’ve found happiness nor is it time to give up on dating all together.
Truth is, there are really good guys and gals out there, and they want a genuine, deep, life-long, commitment, just like you.  And, they’re also tired of the pathetic joke that is modern dating.    O14A0247So please believe me when I say this:  As long as you’re unconditionally accepting of yourself and who you are, you have a life in which you DON’T NEED a man or woman to “feel complete” or “whole”, and you’re actively taking steps to improve yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically, LOVE–GENUINE LOVE–IS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR YOU.  To take it a step further, I can pretty much say it’s inevitable.  But, you have to have the patience to stick out the wait.
All you need to focus on is putting your energy in the things you feel God put you on this earth to do.
Becoming impatient and just settling for someone, who doesn’t challenge you, who is not financially responsible, who doesn’t take care of their health, who is not actively pursuing a realistic dream, and who hasn’t found his/her role in bettering the world, just because you’re lonely, is only going to set you up for heartbreak and disappointment and will also be blocking you from the man/woman you deserve.1779169_244268115744840_865453243_nWhile you are on you’re journey into fulfilling the destiny God has planned for you, it’s in the very places, where you’re enhancing your craft or engaging in things you’re passionate about, where you’ll meet those on paths similar to yours.  And, it’s those who we have similar hopes and dreams in common with that are most likely to appreciate the qualities of our individuality and that we are most likely to hit it off with.

4 thoughts on “Having Trouble Finding a Good Man/Woman?

  1. Maintaining focus on your passions and goals is very important when either single or dating. Yes, there are still good men but from my experience some good men lack the “know how” to approach or maintain communication with a woman their interested with dating. For example, in my past I have come across men that are respectful, goal oriented, spiritual, and have similar values as mine but they lack good communication. To me, this creates a level of uncertainty of if they are really interested with me because I believe a persons Actions are really what “Show Me” someone has Real Interest. I am a big Action type of Woman so when what a person says and their actions do not line up I tend to ease off and just see how things go from there.

    The positive side of all this is that being single allows more time to invest into myself and as you mentioned genuine love will happen so in the meantime I carry on with things I need to accomplish in my life. So, just as patience was and still is very important when accomplishing various life goals, its also very important in the world of dating. Most importantly, maintaining a positive attitude in everything that happens in life is key!

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    1. Hello “E”. I find your input compelling and very constructive. Thank you for taking the time to compose such insightful perspective for us.

      I would add to your comment about “Communication” that, on the woman or the man’s part, that expressing specification of exactly how much time or communication is expected is as important as the expectation of it.

      Everyone has different expectations and we can’t read each other’s minds, of course.

      Your commentary is greatly appreciated. I hope you day is positive and peaceful. mos def



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