Why So Many Men & Women Are Bitter Towards Each Other


WOMEN turn “uptight” and “bitter” because they’re tired of selfish and cowardly men who really just want sex but are secretly parading around like men who have interest in a long-term relationship.  And, they’re fed up with opening their hearts to men who hit the road as they get what they want.

Brothers become “jerks” because even though they’re courteous, upfront, responsible, mature, intellectual, and goal-oriented, women still continue to reward lazy, conforming, immature, arrogant, greedy, and who don’t challenge them, with their time and their body.  They see those types of guys getting the most attention and start to imitate them.

It’s not because they want to, but because they feel like it’s the only way to get and hold a woman’s attention, in this day and age.

Dear Men,

Be upfront with your intentions and stop wasting a grown woman’s precious time and energy with your elaborate schemes to get laid.  It’s selfish and childish.

Dear Ladies,

Start learning how honor to honor a man’s overall character and what to honor about it, versus hit “at-the-surface” assets.  Any man can make you laugh, show a great night on the town, give you compliments, agree with everything you say, take you cruising in a souped-up vehicle, or kiss your ass.  But, these gestures don’t automatically qualify a man as worthy of your loyalty and commitment.


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  1. You bring up some compelling reasons. Take care.


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