My First Time Recording a Tornado (Recorded Video)

⚡This was the first time I got to see a funnel cloud in person.  “The Stormy Poet” finally got the honors.  ⚡I know it was a baby twister, but it was pretty awesome to me.  ⚡ I rode out the entire storm of Hurricane Katrina and didn’t even see one, then. ⚡I hope everyone was safe in this storm, but the funnel was truly beautiful.  ⚡The rotating clouds passed overheard about 10 minutes earlier but then began to form a more defined funnel later on.  ⚡I was really blessed to see this. I LOVE WEATHER!!!!⚡💜⚡💜⚡💜⚡💜⚡💜
P.S., Please forgive my amateur camera skills, everyone.



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  1. Keep it up cousin! You got some great topics and ideas-people better watch out for the tornado on this blog who is coming through!


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