Black Writers Are More Than “SLAM” & “SPOKEN WORD”

DO NOT let the stereotypical expectations of the literary world restrict your creative potential and artistic uniqueness.
Slam Poetry and Spoken Word are not the only types of poetry that can deeply and effectively connect with people on an emotional level.  Your talent IS NOT confined to composing poetry, strictly in that manner.  The entire spectrum of expression, which poetry has to offer, is rightfully yours to explore, study, cherish, and wield in the manner that you see fit.
And, not only is there different structural forms of expression, there are different venues as well.  Don’t limit yourself to Slam, Urban Fiction, or the “ethic” section of the bookstore.
I refuse to not speak up about the lack of diversity in the craft that I love because I am a servant of the craft–a craft, which we were given the Divine talent to perform.  Don’t sell yourself short.
Below, I’ve linked some writers of color who don’t fit the stereotypical literary mold.  Explore and expand, folks.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Author:  T.D. Desso
2-5-2016 4-03-06 PM

Genre: Sci-Fi
Author:  Octavia E. Butler
2-5-2016 4-07-39 PM

Genre: Young-Adult, Non-fictional Anthology
Author: Steven E. Buster

Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Dahlia Adler
2-5-2016 4-22-29 PM

Genre: Fictional Young Adult
Author: Shannon Gibney
2-5-2016 4-26-01 PM

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