Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant (5/7/2016)

The brilliant minds that continue to find their way to the “Wordsmiths of Tarrant” meetings truly continue to blow me away.  It is they who make this group and what it stands for mean something far more valuable and beneficial than I ever could have dreamt of on my own.
Mr. Paul Andrade‘s perspective and insight not only further reinforced the crucial need to inspire more reading in the community at large but, also, the equally crucial need of the mobilization of writers and other artist–a need necessary to evoke compassion, tolerance, and understanding in the hearts of those in community, which transforms cities, states, and countries.
I had the privilege of recording the session and am currently editing the hour and a half long audio file, for everyone to download and listen to.
Thought the overall theme of Saturday’s meeting was “Poetry That Profoundly Effected Your Life,” Many, many, many golden and rich discussions centered the very craft of the language arts–the technique, the objective, the subject matter and purpose of–came out this engagement.
I am truly humbled by Mr. Andrade’s passion, intellect, drive, ambition, professionalism and willingness to make others better–all the aspects required vital in properly engaging in the literary arts.
Mr. Andrade, also, have the wonderful idea of incorporating the participation of adamant readers in the area, into the group, instead of exclusively inviting writers and artist. Furthermore, I will, now, be extending my outreach to included readers of Tarrant County. Thank you for your contribution of knowledge and time, Mr. Andrade.
To all that could not attend, your presence was truly missed. However, there will be many more opportunities (every first Saturday of the month) to be a part of this growing group, which seeks to help you grow as a writer/artist.
And, I look forward to connecting and engaging with all of you!
The Stormy Poet

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