Stop Posting About Things, and Go Get Involved!

Dear America,
It is clearly evident that there are many great injustices taking place in this country–the tragedy that occurred at the gay night club in Orlando, the murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by law enforcement, the Flint Michigan crises, etc.
And, when these tragedies occur, before the victims involved can even receive a proper burial, countless take to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and rattle off their 2 cents about it, as if it, somehow, is helping rectify the injustice they’re speaking on or contributing to the greater good.
It’s so very easy for us to write our 3 paragraph rants, to share Memes with quotes that align with whatever principles we already subscribe to, and debate back and forth with others in the comment section for not believing the way we do.
Now, I do believe in using social media to spread knowledge and to enlighten each other, but a lot of good it does to become enlightened or empower others if that knowledge is not being applied to works–works that bring about real, long-standing change.
It’s time to turn off the news, America!  We already know that many bad things are going on in this country!  It’s time to stop letting the evening news depress and demoralize you with these injustices, and it’s time to go out and doing something about it.
It’s time to stop making self-righteous posts over and over, again, for likes and attention, at the expense of the victims of these tragic and horrific events.
Log off social media!
It’s time to ask yourself, “How can I use my abilities to bring about change for the better?”
It’s time to soul search and explore the divine abilities The Heavenly Father has endowed you with and to make a strategic plan to put them IN ACTION!
With Love,
The Stormy Poet

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