(7/16/16) Wordsmiths and Readers of Tarrant

With the recent events that’ve taken place in our country and that continually make the evening news headlines and with so many social issues and injustices in need of addressing and of resolution, the need for individuals from different walks of life and of different perspectives, to sit down, face-to-face, and converse, in a respectful, empathetic, and loving manner is now more important than ever.
While the official theme of the 5th Wordsmiths and Readers of Tarrant,” meeting, 7/16/16, was “What Are the Biggest Challenges You Face as a Writer,” the rich discussion of the group gravitated to one, I feel, voiced much of the anger, frustration, confusion, and grief so many Americans have on their hearts right now—emotions with which they are struggling to find a constructive and healthy outlet for.
As I’ve pointed out repeatedly to attendees in meetings past, I started this writing group in the hopes of giving local writers, particularly writers of color, an encouraging, professional, and engaging environment to connect with other writers and readers and to explore the complexities of the language arts. But, the group, by its own accord, is turning into something that extends far beyond just talking about literature. 
It is becoming a place where people from the community can get together and talk about life.
It’s becoming the type of environment where individuals can express what’s on their hearts and can be genuinely understood and where those same individuals seek to genuinely understand, not bicker, debate, or disrespect one another.
My sincerest appreciation goes to Mr. Cerone Brice and Ms. Rachael Eastman. Their fascinating perspective, radiant talent, and mature conversation are what made this month’s meeting one of the most fulfilling moments of my writing career.
I can only pray I was able to give them even half of what they’re presence blessed me with.

With Best Regards,
The Stormy Poet

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