(9/4/16) Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant

The oh-so-infamous WRITER’S BLOCK:
One minute you’re cruising along, cranking out intriguing narrative and sensational plotlines like a conveyer belt, and plowing through each chapter, and then, suddenly, the stream of innovative consciousness gets cut off abruptly, like someone cutting off a faucet.
It’s a situations writers, both budding and established alike, dread and fear with a passion.  In this month’s “Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant County,” we had a wonderful discussion about the ways a writer can overcome writer’s block and some ways to avoid it having it happen, to begin with.
We, Allison Fowler, Racheal Eastman and I, had the pleasure and honor of having Paul Andrade, who has spent the better part of a decade in the professional writing industry, attend this month’s meeting. There, he was able lend his invaluable wisdom and insight on the topic of this month’s meeting theme.
I hope this discussion can provide you the necessary tools to deliver yourself out of the stagnant haze that is writer’s block.
Feel free to chime in and keep the conversation going, in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you all.
The Stormy Poet

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