It’s not really about trying to save the world by yourself nor is it about expressing your discontent with every social injustice or viewpoint you don’t agree with on social media. You won’t improve the world, your community, nor your own life that way.
If you want to make the world a better place, you gotta start by finding your divine spark.  You have to soul search and discover and enhance your God-given talents and unique capabilities.
Stop being a mental slave to and focusing so much on what will bring you a certain social status, and don’t try to chase the destiny that is meant for others and not yourself.
Turn off the news, and stop filling your mind with the negative, soul-sucking, and depressing imagery they feed you every single day because, despite what you may believe, the media’s primary goal is not to make you a well-informed citizen.
Next, find people who are like you. Associate with and network with them.  Join forces around a cause where you can make a positive impact with other people who are as driven and passionate as you are.  Feed their spirit and let them feed yours.
Organize, mobilize, and start a movement–one rooted in righteous intentions.  Dedicate your all to it, and, for Pete’s sake, DO NOT be afraid to get dirty.
Don’t try to help the world and look pretty while doing it.  It’s a dirty job.
With Best Regards,
The Stormy Poet


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