Is the News Really Making You a Better Member of Society?

Most of us tune into the evening news every night and occupy a front row seat to view to the absolute worst behavior and vile conduct that mankind has to offer.
And, we do so thinking that, somehow, we’ll obtain some type of information that will empower us to go out and make a difference in society.  But, we should ask ourselves: Do I feel empowered after watching the news, or do I just leave away feeling helpless, hopeless, depressed, and bitter?
I doubt that many of you can remember the last time you went to bed after watching the news feeling like, “Tomorrow, I’m going to use information I learned about those 40 civilians being killed by that car bomb, the image of that unarmed black man being gunned down by law enforcement, that car accident that killed 3 kids, and those haunting images of that plane crash I saw to go out and make the world a better place.”
The truth is, most of the time, the news just zaps all of the positive energy right out of us. Of course, not all media outlets are inherently evil, and, with the right investigative skills, you can find some pretty reliable sources out there–media members who are dedicated to providing you with information that will make you better and empower you.
But, it’s time to start asking ourselves, is what we’re watching really giving us the type information we need to go out and be effective at influencing some type of profound change? And, if not, why is the media showing us what it is showing us?
Is it for ratings, or could their intent be of more sinister origins?
Something for you to ponder.
With Best Regards,
~The Stormy Poet~

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