Creating Positive & Sustaining Change in Society: Where & How You Can Start

After trump got elected, I think that many people felt as though they wanted to take a stance on something and as though they wanted to protect the areas of interests they were passionate about from what they felt like 45 and his administration were in direct opposition to.

I think many wanted to make to make a difference and to create change for the better, but, being that this is the first time many have felt obligated to join or start a social movement, they really didn’t know where to start.

You can have all the passion and desire to influence you want, but it means nothing without a direction to give them–a well-thought-out plan of action.

So, I decided to share a plan that I brainstormed for myself, to do my part in “fighting the good fight” that will hopefully get your own wheels turning as to how you can get involved in the community and to help you figure out how you can contribute to creating deeply impactful and sustaining positive change for society in America.

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