(2/19/17) Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant Meeting

At this month’s meeting, 2-19-17, we had the pleasure and the privilege of revisiting what sparked our passion and desire to create and take in the language arts, via sharing the instances of our pasts in which we were providentially exposed to the craft itself.
Amidst the reality of meeting a slew pressing deadlines, maintaining grammatical integrity and excellence all forms of composition, performing tedious marketing campaigns, and networking, it can be easy to forget the entity that those tolling efforts are centered around and how we feel in love with it. 


Paul Andrade, a local professional screenwriter, Nai Written Aspirations, a local published author of several romance novels, Allison Fowler, a local healthcare professional as aspiring writer, Racheal Eastman, and aspiring poet and song writer, and I, The Stormy Poet, all had the chance to share our own unique stories regarding how we fell in love with the craft and how that fire that was lit many years ago still rages in our spirits.
Some said that their exposure to the craft was through grade school.  Myself—Hip Hop sparked my desire to intricately exam the language arts and to innovate the effectiveness of their expression. Others said their families exposed them to the mysteries of literary art.  Regardless of the method for which they all became fixated to molding the many forms of the English language, one thing is for sure: Our level of long-lasting zest for the language arts and our clearly evident level of allure to its mysterious nature at matching high levels.
What got YOU passionate about literature?
The Stormy Poet

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