Why It’s Time To Stop Doubting Your Capabilities as a Writer

💌If you’re doubting your capabilities as a writer, I want you, for a moment, to think about how long you’ve been doing it.  How long have you stuck with it, and how long have you been doing it pretty consistently?
Once you’ve figured that out, I want you to realize that you ARE a good writer.
How do I know?  Well, typically, we human beings tend to not do things we don’t think we’re very good at for a long time.  For instance, I like football and everything, but I didn’t go on after high school to play college or professional ball, because I wasn’t very good at it.  So, the fact that you’ve been writing as long as you have means that, at some point, you saw something in your abilities that spoke to you and that amazed and impressed you–the same feeling you get when you read awesome literature someone else wrote.
Plus, the more you entertain the idea that you are not “good enough” as a literary artist the more likely you are start fulfilling self-prophecy.
So, I’m here to say, stop doubting yourself, and WRITE ON!  YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER. Yes, there’s always room for improvement and to refine your artistry, but stop doubting your abilities!  Write, and diligently share your God-given gift to the world!

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