‘Not All Cops Are Bad’: Images That Show Why It’s Not That Cut-&-Dry

Greetings Eyewall Reader,
If you’ve witnessed instances of police brutality in the past or if you happen to witness them in the future (which is surely going to happen if you live in America), and your response the people expressing their frustration and outrage to these occurrences is something along the lines of “Well, if they just did what the cops said, they’d still be alive,” “People don’t realize how hard of a job cops have,” “Stop breaking the law and you won’t have to deal with the police in the first place,” or “Not all cops are bad, so you shouldn’t judge all the police by a few bad apples,” I invite you to view the following images and to incorporate the presented insight into your thought process the next time you think of blurting out these kinds of knee-jerk and robotic responses.



Photo by Spenser H on Unsplash

Photos by Police the Police


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