What You Should Know Before Entering a Relationship

Before Any of You Get into a Relationship: 

🔎Discover who you are, as an individual, and what you do/don’t want in another person. Your partner is supposed to compliment who you are as a unique individual.

🤔Study the behaviors and habits of those who are already in successful and healthy relationships.

📕Read books and research on how to treat a woman in the way in which you compliment her divine and unique influence as a woman or how to treat a man vice versa.

💲Be financially literate (money is and will always be a big part of relationships so know what you’re doing with it).

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Learn in-depth how you can best serve in your role in the family structure–wife, husband, mother, father, to your fullest capacity, because FAMILY is the backbone of every society. Yes, part of why you get in relationships is to benefit society.

💔Too many people are getting in relationships & just jumping into situations where they have no knowledge base of what the entire experience of being in romantic relationships entails, no examples of what a healthy one looks like, and without even knowing the purpose of why men and women are supposed to get to even engage in committed relationships.

With Best Regards,

Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash

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