Ladies, Stop Rewarding the Hoodfellas (L.L.T. #2)

Dear T.S.P. Reader,

I recently have started a new podcast series, “Levels of Love Tips,” through my relationship guidance site, “The Levels of Love.” Although I plan to keep the material of that podcast within the confines of that site and through my YouTube channel, I did, however, want to share a few episodes here-and-there, including this one, to let my readers know the knowledge of the presentations is available for them to take advantage of.
To discover more about how the culture of misogyny has fundamentally harmed the integrity of romantic relationships between men and women and how men and women can work together to heal and mend the damage that has been done, please feel free to visit my relationship guidance site, The Levels of Love, at I hope to see you there and to engage in the respectful exchange of ideas with you.

Ladies, here is why fetishizing hooded out behavior and equating a guy who is practicing ghetto lifestyle behavior with “manliness” is not only dangerous to you and other women but is also contributing to the destruction of black men.
With Love,

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