Blame It on the Rain (R.D.S.)


Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in to today’s edition of Rainy Day stories. Today’s reading comes from a piece featured in my latest published book, A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat.

The piece is told from the perspective of James Shields, a twenty-nine-year-old office Clerk, who is increasingly becoming agitated with certain behaviors and concepts that are generally accepted which people practice without really questioning why they do them–practices that just really aren’t that constructive.

One practice Mr. Shields notices that people tend to do quite often is complaining about the rain.  What really is the point of doing so?  Has doing so ever stopped it from raining? Do we really understand just how important rain really is?

James Shields gives his take on it and the diary essay entitled “Blame It On The Rain.”

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