Borrowed (Poem)

-They’re not given to us; they’re leased
for us to mend and sustain.
-Yet, light from their eyes will never cease
should He see fit that it should remain.

-So in meantime, we cherish their growth,
so cognizant of any details in age—
somehow thinking that our blood oaths
will increase unsecured numbers on their last page.

-So, let’s emphasize “significance” over “duration”
and keep, in mind, it’s our loved ones He’s owed.
-Perhaps, in Divinity
we’ll find consolation
in releasing what can only be borrowed.

5 thoughts on “Borrowed (Poem)

  1. I love the picture!
    Here’s a piece to contribute.

    In the eyes of the 2nd generation is where it’s lies
    Almost like an opportunity for second tries.

    It’s an amplified love, than the original source.
    Cause the love is deeper and different, with no loss towards the original child, their mother, of course.

    Its a love that can also hold you, and prevent you
    From being the person and going where is what you want for you to be true.

    It’s complex, just as in all creation
    But for my gbabies to have high regard for me, as they grow, is my mission.


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    1. Pam,

      Thank so much for taking the time provide feedback. It means a great deal to me.

      I know the picture doesn’t directly tie into the theme of the poem, but close enough, right? lol

      It was just too good of a pic not to use. I was going through searching for stock photos for this piece when I came across this, and I had to use it.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your work as well. Our two pieces definitely compliment one another. Your piece looks as though it could be a continuation to mines or vice versa 😉

      Happy Reading and Writing,
      The Stormy Poet


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