Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant (1/13/18)

Dear T.S.P. Reader,

I hope this day bids you well. For this month’s Wordsmiths and Readers of Tarrant meeting (1/13/2018)–the official first meeting of 2018, I wanted to really break down and dissect this topic, because I’ve not only read a great deal of material from other authors who could have ended their stories in a way that would’ve effectively given the reader a more significant sense of resolution and last-lasting resonance of the story’s intent.

But, also, many of my fellow writing colleagues have expressed to me that they struggle when it comes to the challenge of ending a story out properly and effectively.  In this month’s meeting, Tom Farris, co-author of the upcoming book “Ginger Roots Are Best Taken Orally” graced Allison, a local mental health care professional and literary artist, and I with his wisdom and insight on the topic. T.S.P. Reader, we hope we were able to generate some dialogue containing perspective that will continue to help you grow and thrive as a literary artist.

If you have any additional tips that weren’t voiced in the presentation, please feel free to express them in the comment section.  Remeber, your feedback helps other writers enhance in their craft.


With Love,


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