America Keeps Giving White Supremacy a Pass

Dear T.S.P. Reader,

Whenever I have a discussion about racial inequality with anyone, I frequently use the term “white supremacy” when I’m describing the systems of oppression, which benefit those classified as “white,” at the determent of any person or group not classified as white.  And, believe me when I say, I get plenty of push-back for using that term, especially when I use it frequently in the conversation. It makes whomever I’m talking to, white, black, or whoever I’m talking to, very uncomfortable.

The term “white supremacy,” when I’m referring to the thoughts, words, and actions of a person, has a different and more potent sting to it than its more broadly used euphemisms–“racial inequality“, “institutionalized racism,” “prejudice,” “bigotry,” “racially charged,” “lack of diversity,” “discrimination,” “racially tinged,” “derogatory,” “distasteful,” “racial slurs,” “alt-right,” “white nationalism,” “hate speech,” “anti-black,” etc. And, I’m perfectly aware of why that term shakes up people’s conscience. It’s because I’m calling the beast “the beast.”

At other times, people assume–which I’m most definitely not–I’m associating all people identified as “white” with racism and that they’re inherently racist.  They say things like this: “Well, if you wouldn’t use the term “white” in a “white supremacy,” more people would be willing to have a discussion with you about racism.  You turn a lot of people off and offend them when you use that term.”

I would argue with them, if a person automatically assumes I’m referring to every white person simply because I used that term, they were never willing to have a respectful and healthy dialogue with me, regardless if I had or not.  Saying that they were “turned off” off by it and assuming I mean all white folks is merely an excuse for them not to have to deal with the issue, on a subconscious level.  It’s a convenient way for them to not have to look deeper and to completely divorce themselves from all responsibility.

Plus that type of reaction lets me know, they’ve never exerted the slightest of efforts in attempting to understand the reality of being a black man in America–a perspective and experience of the world differing from their own and the people in their social circle.

White supremacy is the irrational ideology and creed that whiteness is supreme and that any color other than white is inferior.  Also, it constitutes that any person that isn’t white should be subjugated to those classified as white.

It has no logic or reason.  It’s a demonic entity that harms both the oppressed and the oppressor, without the oppressor knowing it in most cases.

On a subconscious level–and occasionally on a conscious level, we know the brutality, horror, hideousness, suffering, extreme pain, unfairness, gruesomeness, and unspeakable torture behind white supremacy.  It’s a difficult thing to look at.  It’s hard to believe other human beings, especially if they look like you, are capable of such satanic practices.  Plus, we know the work to end it will be immense, and we know dismantling it will require a great deal of selflessness and of sacrifice.

So, when you’re looking at the instances of unjust practices in history or in the modern day, it’s emotionally less taxing to refer to certain injustices as anything other than white supremacy.

We don’t think of chattel slavery as “white supremacy,” when in fact, the concept of “whiteness,” “blackness,” and race, in general, was created in order for a group of people to justify the brutality and subjugation of another group, for them to collectively benefit from that very oppression.

We don’t think of jim crow as white supremacy when actually those laws were created on the premises that “white is supreme and privileged, above all.”

We don’t see housing discrimination and the segregation era as white supremacy.

Truthfully, there really is no such thing as “race.” What we perceive here in America as race, is really “ethnicity.” We are all the human race, which consist of many different ethnicities and nationalities. The concept of race itself was created to implement a system of power and dominance, and the culture of this system, because culture dictates so much of what we do and how we think, has pathologically been past down through the generations, which is why the  byproducts of white supremacy–mass incarceration (legalized slavery and human trafficking), police brutality, American ghettos, the wealth gap, and employment discrimination–exist and persists today.

And, make no mistake, you don’t have to be white to practice white supremacy. There are some Latinos and black people who are some of its biggest advocates. They just don’t benefit collectively from practicing it like those who’re classified as white do.

That being said, we have to use that terminology and call it for what it is.  We need to accept the wickedness of it and how it led to the disparities black people have to deal with today.

When I say “white supremacist,” I’m not just referring to people in the kkk, the neo nazis, or the dylan roofs of the world.

I’m talking the people in these jury pools who let cops off for murdering unarmed black men, when the evidence is clear that they had no probable cause to do so.

I’m referring to politicians who create policies that are of the determent of black people or who ignore their specific struggles all together but, yet, still target black folks in their campaign strategy.

If you don’t want your family members dating someone other than white, you’re a white supremacist.

Fox news is a white supremacist media platform whose sole job is to present anti-black rhetoric on a 24/7 loop to justify the white supremacist perception of black people of its viewers, in order to influence their political choices, based off that perception.  That is the only reason it exists.

I use that term because too much suffering is to blame for it to get let off the hook.  Because I care about the human race, I have to be honest and call it for what it is.  I can’t say I love humanity if I’m not honest about the true root of so much agony and persecution, and I can’t say I love humanity if I’m not honest about what exactly it will take to dismantle it.



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4 thoughts on “America Keeps Giving White Supremacy a Pass

    1. Writings by MCM,

      It’s gonna take everyone utilizing what they specialize in to dismantle it. Whether someone is a politician, a writer, a soldier, a painter, a dancer…no matter who they are, we all must utilize whatever skills we have to replace it with a system of justice and make black people, the descendants of slaves, whole.


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