Things Just As Bad As Cheating in a Relationship

All too often, CHEATING is seen as the biggest form of betrayal, when it comes to a romantic relationship.  And, indeed, it is a devastating thing to have to experience, but what about the other forms of betrayal and of not keeping a commitment to your significant other?
Are they not as severe or as damaging in their own right?
What about the person who does nothing to better their health and who is content with eating junk food all the time, never working out, and who gives you the old “We all have to go someday, so I mine as well eat what I want and be happy” speech?
What about the passive-aggressive, self-righteous person, who is virtually incapable of dismounting their high horse and refuses to work through disagreements, makes everything your fault, and who is constantly holding the relationship hostage, by giving you the “my way or the highway” approach?
What about when someone is emotionally illiterate and expects you to figure out how they’re feeling, for them, and, then, gets mad when you don’t understand them?
What about the money chaser, who constantly puts you on the back burner while putting his or her pockets first but, yet, they expect you satisfy their needs, on their time?
What about someone who is physically or verbally abusive?
What about someone who constantly chooses to see things negatively and would rather complain about their situation in life rather than to look for ways to fix it?
There are so many people that wouldn’t dare tolerate infidelity but will be patient and ‘stick it out’ when it comes to the other poor behavior that is as equally detrimental to the relationship.
My point is, we have to stop seeing cheating as the big bad be-all-end-all of offenses, in relationships, and start holding ourselves as well as others to higher standards. Just because someone isn’t seeing or sleeping with someone else doesn’t isn’t the only requirement for them to qualify for your loyalty.
I understand that no one is perfect and that we all have faults, but, if someone is refusing to change destructive and unhealthy chronic behavior, we just can excuse and look past everything just because we haven’t caught our partner creepin’.
With Love,

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