Overcoming Your Fear of Writing & of Sharing Your Literature

Hello, All My Fellow Literary Enthusiast,

How many of you out there have a collection of literary art you’ve composed that the world has never seen–works you’ve been too afraid to show the world either because you thought people wouldn’t think it was any good, wouldn’t understand it, or wouldn’t be able to take away anything of value from it? 

Heck, how many of you wanted to write but haven’t gathered enough courage to even pick up the pen yet out fear of the aforementioned factors? It kind of breaks my heart when I speak with other writers who seldom pick up the pen out of fear even though they desperately want share their perspective and beauty with the world or those whom I’ve read their material already and they refuse to publish because they don’t think it’s any good, when it’s actually fire!

There are too many good stories out there that’ve been tucked away in the closet never to be experienced and cherished–pieces of wonderful literature that someone out there desperately needs to see but can’t because of irrational fears that do nothing but prevent information and perspective from being spread.

At this month’s meeting, if you’re in the predicament I’ve described, my co-host, Allison Fowler, and I wanted to give some wisdom I hope can help you overcome those fears. Listen in to the recording of this month’s Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant installment, themed “Overcoming Your Fear of Writing and of Sharing Your Literature.”


With Love,




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