The Reason Racism Exist (Not Because of Bigotry)

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“I hope this day bids you well.  How are you feeling today, whoever you are out there?  If there is anything on your chest you’d like to get off, please feel free to reach out to me.   No subject is off limits.

From now on, when I send a newsletter message out, I want to invite you to vent or to just express what’s on your mind about anything going on in your life.  I wanted to do so, because how often do we sincerely ask each other how we’re genuinely feeling?  It’s a rare occurrence.  

We’re so busy dealing with our day-to-day responsibilities that we rarely even ask ourselves that question.  And, so, I want to volunteer to be a catalyst for empathy. 😉 Because, the world definitely needs more of that.

My goal is not just to disseminate valuable information; my goal is to be a listener also–to be in-tune with what’s on the mind of the people who view my work and support me.

I just wanted to make that known right quick.

Anywho, the message I’m composing for you today that was inspired by a tweet made by Shaun King, an anti-racism strategist and activist.

Shaun King has made significant strides in challenging systematic racism, and this brother has put in tireless work in the name of progress.  I respect him, and I believe all his intentions are noble.  However, I respectfully disagree with his sentiment about how–and I’m paraphrasing the tweet–the term ‘white supremacy’ isn’t a real thing and that there’s no such thing as white people being supreme over anyone.

I get what he was trying to say–that there are no attributes those classified as white posses that make them supreme over any other group.  I totally get that.

The sad reality is, though, unfortunately, those who are not classified as “white” are, in fact, dominated in every area of human activity.  It’s hard to admit that, and a lot of black people see that as an ego hit.  Who wants to face the fact that they’re systematically dominated and subjugated?  Who wants to acknowledge there is a system in place that allows and promotes the mistreatment of African Americans (DOS).

That’s a hard pill to swallow, but, if we ever want to dismantle the construct of racism in this country, we have to acknowledge that fact, first.  And, then, we have to fully understand WHY it exists.

Who created the construct of ‘race’ to begin with?  Why did they start it?  Why, after hundreds of years, is “racism” still so prevalent and ongoing?

This lecture, by the late great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, breaks down just why global white supremacy exists in the first place and what we need to do to challenge it.  She breaks down how the reason that global white supremacy exists extends well beyond ‘Hate’ or ‘Bigotry.’

After you’re done watching it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it and to engage in some constructive dialogue based on it.

I hope you’re able to take something useful away from the video, and may your day be positive and pleasant.”  



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