America’s Obsession of ‘Worrying’

I would be lying if I said that the recent events taking place in our country haven’t made my stomach churn a time or three.  In these strange times, it’s exceptionally difficult not to react to these events with panic, anxiety, and despair–WORRYING.

In addition to the fear we may be feeling, there’s the sense of utter hopelessness–that, because there’re so many atrocities taking place all at once in the world, there’s no way we could ever, as individuals, have a significant positive impact in producing change for the better.  And, before we can even formulate a strategy on how we can constructively influence or rectify these issues, something else appalling and terrible happens.

Hopelessness and despair: The two emotions that render us virtually powerless as human beings and that make us completely ineffective at working towards any kind of progress.

From what I’ve learned regarding how most national mainstream media does business, and by gauging the emotional temperature of America, based off what I’m seeing my followers post on my social media platforms and off what and how my family and friends comment on what they see taking place all around us, I really feel as though there’s an agenda in keeping us being constantly WORRISOME.

And, on the flip-side, I think that on some strange level, by simply engaging in the act of deeply worrying about these unfolding unfortunate events, we feel as though we’ve, somehow, did our part in helping to resolve them.  We constantly state things like “Everything is so terrible,” “There’s no hope for any of us,” and “This country has really brought itself a one-way ticket down the crapper.”

We go post about it on Facebook, spread our fearful thinking to others, and we share articles with headlines containing fear-evoking titles.  And, in emotionally cutting ourselves and others in this way, we feel as though we made some type of resolution-inducing sacrifice by bearing some symbolic cross in babysitting our corrosive fears.

As for myself, eventually, I just got tired of being afraid all of the time.  I mean, what is the point of it?  What was it helping?  What good was I doing by just worrying and complaining?

Whoever you are reading this, I’m encouraging you to rid yourself of the media-implemented addiction of worrying.  When you watch or read the news, it’s time to start asking yourself, is this source of news giving me the information I can use to actually go out and make a difference, or are they just showcasing it to get an emotional response out of me?

I find it interesting that many liberal news outlets are so obsessed with condemning trump, but will not consistently provide useful information to the masses, in order for people use that information to go effectively influence the corrupt way our political system was designed to work.  They won’t even tell the public that very system needs to be reconstructed.

Predominately, I’m seeing a bunch of trump bashing and the prorogation of the narrative about how terrified we should be of the things he is about to do.

My advice: Cut the news off, and set aside some time, today, (like 20 or 30 minutes) to consciously research the integrity and track record on the ones reporting your news.  And, if they have a shady and inconsistent record, it’s time to find more credible, honorable, and fact-based sources of news.

I know that there are many areas of social progress that trump threatens and that there are many issues that needed to be resolved in our society well before he took office.  So, the question should be this: Where do I, as an individual, start to make progress?”

My advice: Get in where you fit in.  What issue(s) speaks to you the most?  What appeals more to your heart to go out and influence?  How can you use your divine talents and abilities to serve?

IT’S TIME TO CREATE A PLANIt doesn’t have to be a perfect plan, but it needs to be a written-out concrete one, not just some noble sentiment in your head.

Go join organizations that are fighting for progress on the issue that speaks to you the most.  Get involved with them. Be willing to put in the time and energy.  If you can’t get involved with them directly, donate money to them.  Advocate for them.

Gather people together around your cause.  Get your family involved in your work for progress.  Plan with your friends and family, and work alongside them in “fighting the good fight.”

Stop sitting around worrying, because the only thing worrying accomplishes is that it takes away your morale to go out and influence change.

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