Role of the Mayor: (Politic or Be Pimped – Part 2)

Dear T.S.P. Reader,

The premeditated and racially motivated murder of Jean Betham in his own apartment committed by the race soldier, Amber Guyger, has sparked national outrage. 

And, once again like when any cop (or civilian for that matter) unconstitutionally murders an unarmed black man, law enforcement, the judiciary system, the media, and the politicians all work in unison to protect the officer from public scrutiny and any significant punishment. 

For example, the Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas has chosen to deny all common sense, logic, and reason about the sheer magnitude of the absurdity Guyger’s claims contained about “accidentally entering someone’s apartment without knowing because her 15-hour shift made her have Alzheimer’s and then shooting someone on site rather than fleeing the apartment” and has gone out of his way to publicly denounce city councilmen Philip Kingston’s  rightfully calling out glitter-covered, perfumed-laced, multicolored manure for what it is: …manure.

When Mr. Kingston exposed the DPD’s inability to obtain a warrant from a Texas Judge, due to the fact the judge was only willing to issue a warrant for a murder charge (because that’s exactly what it was), the mayor was quick to exonerate the DPD from any whiff of corruptive practice, instead calling into question the competence of his fellow city official. 

Then under Mayor Rawlings’ watch, a search warrant was eventually obtained for Jean’s, the frigging victim of a murder, apartment, and it was released in the news marijuana had been found in his apartment the very day of his funeral.  Also, under his watch, a search warrant has was, too, issued for, murdering thug, Amber Guyger’s apartment 72 hours ago but was not carried out. 

A search warrant must be executed within 72 hours of being issued, so, umm, yeah, her apartment ain’t getting searched no time soon.

Furthermore, as Kingston expressed in his Facebook post, whether or not Guyger’s intention to kill was justified or not in her head, it was nonetheless, intentional.  Cops are trained on how to react in tense situations and how to commit and how not to commit lethal force to another human being.   When she made that choice to fire, she knew exactly what kind of damage she was inflicting. 

If she didn’t know, then, she was and is a cop who was improperly trained.  And, at that point, the responsibility of her not being sufficiently trained, in addition to the aforementioned failures of the PDP under his watch, falls exclusively on the mayor. 

It rests firmly on his level of competence as a public official to ensure public safety from corruption and/or poorly trained law enforcement. 

The role of the mayor, although lacking in legislative power over a municipality, is to manage a city’s main departments, including the police, fire, education, housing, and transportation departments.  This realm of responsibility encompasses appointing police chiefs who ensure the PD of that municipal enacts Constitutional practices across all areas of law enforcement and firing them when they fail to do so. 

You see folks, especially my fellow black people out there, this is why practicing local politics is so important.  This is why being educated in which politician does what and in what power kind of power each one holds bearing influence over our quality-of-life is so important.  Our focus needs to stop being all about what Donald Trump is or isn’t doing.

Mayor Rawlings should have never been voted into office in the first place, and, consequently, Jean Botham should still be alive today.  When this guy was running for election, black people should have studied and should have known this pathetic figurehead’s viewpoints and political track record from top to bottom, and we should have been there at his rally demanding what he was going to do in our favor, specifically.

In order for us to do that, we have to know exactly what it is that we need. 

We all have seen it over and over and over and over again the disgusting and vile acts of bloodshed at the hands of law enforcement that continue to disproportionally affect black men in America.

Again and again, we’ve seen the neighborhoods we’ve been funneled into that are economically deprived and, then, over-policed by the white supremacists–who utilize local government to impose their will

We know about the laws passed in cities all over the country designed to target black men and women, so they can lock us up by the boatload and then put us to work for pennies an hour. 

We know about white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement for the purpose of satisfying their bloodlust of people of color and using their training to go and share that training with hate groups to more efficiently attack us. 

Or, at least we should know. 

If we don’t take the time to rigorously study and become well-versed in who each politician is and who has the power to make choices that greatly affect our way of life and if we aren’t making sure we’re sufficiently knowledgeable in the specific needs of black people as a collective (black group politics)–brought out of systematic mistreatment–then, we DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT Jean Betham’s unjust and unfair demise. 

Worse yet, that proves we’re too cowardly and lazy to put in the work it takes to bring satanic perverts, like Amber Guyger (who is walking around free like she wasn’t the cause of a mother losing their child) to justice.  You can’t talk about “black love,” “love for black” or “love for your fellow man” without talking about justice.  Love = Justice.  

Expressing outrage on social media is less than useless; it’s, in fact, counterproductive.

Protesting without strategy is worthless.  Who are we protesting to exactly?

It’s about knowing enough to not only challenge your politicians (making the time to do so in-person) but being able to present sufficient data and evidence to make a specific claim to them.

If the mayor doesn’t know about what the dynamic between law enforcement and black people in this country is and if they can’t provide you with specific tangible plans to keep you safe from corrupt and racist law enforcement officials, they don’t need to be voted in office. 

If they’re already in office and can’t provide you with specific detail of policies and/or resources that work in the favor or what is best for the collective of the community, you let them know you won’t be voting for them the next election cycle and that you’ll be telling other mayoral candidates about what you were unable to provide. 

They’re your politicians, folks.  They work for you, The People.

So, when Donald Trump does something like reverse restrictions on military hardware for police, you don’t get online and engage in outrage porn-style Trump-bashing.

At the next city hall meeting, your butt needs to be front-and-center demanding to know what the mayor is planning to put in place to make sure you and your community are safe from the trigger-happy, white supremacist who’ve infiltrated law enforcement and the corrupt members of your local PD who would see this as a method of intimidating the community.

The mayors are you politicians, not your friends, and they’re not there for you to like them; they’re there to do a job, nothing more and nothing less. 

If you’re not following all the politicians in your district, you need to, and you need to be giving them hell every step of the way if they fall out-of-line in upholding why you put them there, like how I do for example

If you really care about Jean Betham, and the countless lives who’ve been unrighteously snuffed out by “the thugs in blue,” it’s time to put in the type work, mobilizing your community peers and practicing group politics, that brings about JUSTICE. 



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One thought on “Role of the Mayor: (Politic or Be Pimped – Part 2)

  1. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    “At the next city hall meeting, your butt needs to be front-and-center demanding to know what the mayor is planning to put in place to make sure you and your community are safe from the trigger-happy, white supremacist who’ve infiltrated law enforcement and the corrupt members of your local PD who would see this as a method of intimidating the community.”

    Not only does our “butt need to be front and center” when engaging with our ‘local elected politicians’, when they refuse to act as they should and get rid of corrupt cops and others who are working in a field that has the potential to impact our lives, we need to step up to the plate and run for public office ourselves. There have been several people who were basically unheard of and who had no money, and did not even pay for one local television commercial, and they won; beat out the incumbent. So, all we have to lose is what? Corrupt and/or white politicians who are indifferent to what they allow that directly adversely impacts Black communities. More Black people need to run for public office even if it is only on the local level. And Black people, otherwise known as descendants of slaves, should be supporting them.

    Great post!


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