Every Black Person Needs Therapy (PJ)

To My Followers,

Living under a system of racism has brought about an immense amount of specific situational and generational trauma to the group classified as African American.  Rather than seeking counseling or therapy for these mental issues that arise from having to deal with that trauma, we often times negate the effect this chronic trauma has had on our psyche.  And, we discourage others in our group from getting help by saying things like “Well, all you need to do is let go and let Him do the work,” “I’ll pray for you,” or “You’re a strong black man/black woman, you got this.”

In this edition of #PoethnicJustice I decided to share my own experience with a mental disassociative disorder in the hopes I can inspire other black people to educate themselves on how our mental health is a determining factor of the quality of our lives and in the hopes encouraging black people to not feel guilty for seeking help for issues they cannot help themselves with.  I would love to hear everyone’s feedback.




Published Works: (https://goo.gl/y6zy45)

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