The Democratic Party’s Anti-Black Agenda (PJ)

Hello P.J. Family,

Anyone who has been subscribed to me on any of my platforms the past couple of years knows, when it comes to politics, I consider both the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive and the Republican/Conservative/Right Wing parties to be, when without their ornamentation, two sides of the same white supremacist coin. 

Yeah, each side might be comprised of a couple of different factions, for confusion’s sake which the system of white supremacy thrives on as Neely Fuller broke down masterfully, but, at the core of why each party does business, upholding America’s societal power structure of “whiteness” is the primary objective. 

And, much like The North during the Civil War Era, the ideological premises still remains anchored in white supremacy but just in a more covert way.  As opposed to a more obvious, overt, or extremist view of how the system of race should be practiced by different white supremacist sectors, like Republicans or the Alt-Right, the Dems choose a more covert and insidious method of implementation.

Whenever you try to break down to a Liberal party member how their party has done little-to-nothing, since the Civil Rights Era, to remedy the systematic disenfranchisement inflicted on African Americans Descendants of Slaves in the way of tangible corrective government action,  expect their true colors to come out. 

That, when upholding whiteness is at the root of how and why your party does business and when you support that party, you become complicit in the purpose of its operation, whether you’re conscious of it or not (“not” being the case of many black folks).

I don’t really do the winded debate thing on social media or in-person anymore like I used to back in the day, but, every-so-often, I don’t engage in dialogue with those of opposing or ill-guided views on racism/white supremacy.  I do so not in the sense that I’ll get them to see my overall understanding of how the system works, and I know they’re, more-often-than-not, only reading what I say to respond and not to understand.    I totally get it.  It’s me going up against a lifetime of social engineering in a brief interaction with that person.

More than likely, I’m not going to get through to them in that moment, but I do engage for the sake of creating a conversation thread future audiences can read and take away some insight from.  All the talking points we’ve been conditioned to recite on-command, come bubbling to the surface whenever we’re confronted with any information that counters divisive narratives that were set up for us not to focus exclusively on the system of white supremacy itself. 

I like to debunk all those talking points, for the sake of providing counterinformation to all of the misinformation that’s been feed to us and so that the audience can see how to refute and clarify those inaccurate and deflective ploys whenever they’re being presented with them. 

For example, here is a conversation I had with a Liberal on Facebook.  Feel free to let me know you think about the exchange and if you gained any additional insight from it: 

  • Steev Buster Biden or someone else with the access to the sufficient campaign funds should run off that platform then. The main problem the democrats are having–and they hire sociologists to figure this stuff out is–they understand the mindset of the average white person in and outside (new people they’re trying to reach) of their support base. The book, “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide,” breaks this down extensively.

    Due to a lifetime of exposure to constant indoctrination and pathological conditioning, at the hands of those who have a true understanding of how the white power structure works and who benefit the most from keeping it in place and due to the cultural calcification of white supremacy, the average white person has been groomed to think, anytime black people get something that they don’t get, it means they’re somehow losing out on something as white people or that it’s somehow an “attack on whiteness”. In the average white person’s mind, black people aren’t suppose to have anything that white people don’t already have. As the book talks about, this is what led to race riots, historicallly–white jealousy.

    Simultaneously, the average black person, because we are also a product of that same social engineering, internalizes those same ideas of what we are and aren’t owed and what we do and do not deserve.

    Consequently, black people have pretty much been cool with lip service and “words of hope”, without much of any significant structural social change in the past few decades being effectively advocated for nor produced by the Democratic party. But now, we have access to the information highway and information is being more easily spread. Black people are starting to receive more counter information to certain white supremacist concepts that have been ingrained in us, and we’re starting to see the truth of the racial con game.

    Therefore, a lot more of us are just refusing to vote until we see something specifically in it for us in the form of a detailed agenda, from a politician. It doesn’t even have to be just about reparations, being that every politician has specific duties and power. But a lot of us are starting to expect specific tangibles from our politicians that address our systematic disenfranchisement in America.

    The Democratic/ liberal / Progressive party understands that if they run a campaign based on any agenda involving providing specific tangibles to black folks solely, it will invoke the white jealousy pathologically ingrained into the majority of white society, at one capacity or another. There is there are two major issues with this:

    1. You piss off a lot of the white dollars that fund campaigns and party functions: big-time campaign funders, no matter how Progressive they claim to be, still believe in keeping wealth amongst whiteness. They are not going to fund politicians that hurt their bottom line.

    2. A lot of your supporters who wanted to appear to care about the problems of Black people but really didn’t all along switch parties: The thing about the right is that many of them are much more overt with their agenda of upholding whiteness in America. A lot of people will figure, “If I can’t ease my conscience by proclaiming to be about diversity and inclusion and equality and by voting for the politician who claims to be about these things but who really isn’t going to do anything for black people at the end of the day, I might as well go support the party that’s for what I really wanted all along.

    The thing is, though, they realize they still need the black vote. So, they parade a lot symbolic progress, hope (like charismatic speechless, which black folks love to hear) and victories in front of us to convince us things are getting better for us and that they really have our best interests in mind. And, I would be one of the ones thinking that had I not had exposure and access to statistics and the data spelling out the reality of black life in America.

    We can’t even begin to understand and even accept the gravity of what this thing called white supremacy has done to us. They don’t even let us have a chance to really do that and to accept that because they’re constantly parading these symbolic images of black progress.

    The hard truth of the matter is, the Democratic Party, if it wanted to collectively, kaput corrective action and reparations specifically for African Americans descendants of slaves, at the forefront of their political agenda. They could break down to the general public while I making this group whole will be better for everyone as a whole and for doing this with pretty much eliminate all of the social issues we face in society today.

    They could sell that, and, overtime, more and more people could get behind that. And, black folks like myself, who are refusing to just vote Democratic across the board because we know the con of game, would be on board with that. The Democratic Party, would become the only party, before long, because it would be the only party producing politicians who were bringing the most constructive help to everybody. Because when you give black people even an inch, we take that and flip it 10 fold into something even more constructive and positive. Imagine what we can contribute to American society if reparations were allocated.

    The the problem with that kind of scenario is, in order to provide that kind of redress for black folks, you have to take the wealth out of white hands. This, subsequently, takes away the advantage of whiteness in America society. The party’s leaders, who are all white, understand that, and, just like the European colony elitist who couldn’t part with benefits of practicing the system of race, they can’t either, even when it is the most logical, just, and constructive thing to do.

    So, I don’t really celebrate speeches. The day I will celebrate is when some legislation gets passed to address, just like with Martin Luther King said, the treatment of my group in this country. And, like I said to you in some solutions, until we as a country, white folks especially, understand that upholding whiteness as at the core of why these political parties do business, we will have an extremely tough time working towards redress. And until then, you’ll get people like Trump in office, and everybody has to feel the heat, not just black people, under dictators like him.

    Trump is just one of many dictators black people have had to live under. Folks like him or nothing new to us.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

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  • Leslie Fraser There are great truths here yet I find elements of toxic us/them discourse in your presentation that does not advance your agenda. It’s not merely a black/white issue when you look at the entire picture
    We ALL suffer under the bullshit.
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    • Steev Buster How was it toxic in any way? And, how did I make it a “black/white” issue? Your European ancestors made it an issue. Whiteness, as a concept, shouldn’t even exist. I’m just calling it what it’s referred to as.
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    • Steev Buster And, yes we all do, but AADOS have been longer than anyone. White success–the system the European founders of America devised and that was never replaced–was built specifically on black failure. Black failure is a business model, like what you see with the prison industrial complex today. Your white supremacist with real power understand this. And, as I mentioned, other white people and other groups have to be sacrificed to keep this thing called “race” going.

      The Democratic party, unfortunately, is a tool in the overall operation.

      The fact we, as The Maker’s children, all suffer under this global criminal enterprise of white supremacy is why I go in so hard on it every single day. It’d be great if you could get to a point, at least as a country, of rectifying this issue, but, we can even acknowledge how deeply entrenched it is into every way we live life.

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    • Leslie Fraser Steev Buster 
      You don’t know my ancestors. You make this an us/them issue which is toxic in itself. It’s an every person issue. Anyone or group systemically set up to fail or be the underdog, sacrifices will be the downfall of all.
      You do not offer solutions. You offer a passionate platform that addresses racism but the steps to recovery are unclear in what you present.
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    • Steev Buster Well, I know who mine are, and they built the country, off their blood, sweat, and tears and are the guts and bones that are the frame of America. They made it possible for your ancestors– and for EVERY group living here–and you to reap all the benefits of living in this country, and, yet, they’re the most targeted group in every metric on the planet.

      I offered you several solutions. They’re just not the ones you want to hear. If you’re serious about solving this white supremacy thing and the effects caused by it I and others like me have laid out on the table, maybe you would stop hearing what we have to say ‘just to respond,’ instead of listening to learn something.

      Black people, who have to live with blackness every single day, KNOW what it will take to fix the race problem. It’s been our reality for hundreds of years, and even other white people, very few, are saying what I’m saying in terms of solutions.

      You claim you want solutions, but I don’t think you really do, as you’ve been on my page for a good long while and know I’m all about solutions. So, that just lets me know they’re ones you don’t like.

      I’ve presented my own material on solutions at I’ve referred you to thorough independent news sources like Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore. I’ve shared countless articles and books on how this thing called systematic white supremacy works and how to deconstruct it. I’ve offered to call you, voice-to-voice directly to break it down.

      But, you’re still gonna be arrogant enough to demand some solutions from me, when I didn’t have to do any of that for you nor anyone else. I share this information on this page and do podcast and write about it tirelessly out of the kindness of my friggin heart. My allegiance is to my tribe, as it should be, and if others benefit from it, that’s cool. But, my tribe is the only one I owe anything to.

      But, demanding some dam solutions from me I’m not even obligated to tell you–even when I’ve presented you with some–and even when I’ve provided you with a wealth of knowledge I had to find on my own by investing my own time and efforts to obtain to enable you to come up with some solutions on your own to present, ones that don’t involve blindly voting Democrat across the board, is pinnacle of arrogance on your part.

      One Love,
      The Stormy Poet

      • Leslie Fraser Steev Buster 
        Are you full African descent? Are you any part Native Indian, Spanish or other?
        You are not offering a step by step plan
        You offer a platform
        You now want to throw barns at me because of my statement.
        I don’t feel it from you in regards to being able to act upon a plan. You do lay out facts quite well but you tend you go rogue and dole out vitriol on a dime because I said it isn’t a plan
        Go back and look at the great leaders of civil rights. Pair up with a few lawyers who address civil rights, affirmative action. You get further together than alone. Your tribalism talk is the work of your copying the worst of whites. Like I’ve said before, if one is hurt we are all hurt. Save the anger for real foes of which I am not.
        Peace Out.

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      • Steev Buster Before we continue this discussion, first things first, don’t disrespect that again by telling me I need to look back to my forefathers and study them. What I learned from them is what I’m talking the time to extend to you, when I don’t have to. We’re not going to do the disrespect thing. And, I’m not just talking my Civil Rights leaders. I studied my own family and what my own blood elders have taught me based off what they have had to endure. So, you will put some respect on what I’m talkng the time to share with you, when that is not even my obligation to do so. Also, don’t compare my group to anyone else’s. We built the country that everyone takes advantage of–even the immigrants. That is not tribalism, in the sense of how white supremacists operate. That is saying this particular group is owed something. That is NOT racism nor discrimination. Giving us what we’re owed and deserve is just the moral and righteous thing to do and is the responsibility of everyone who enjoys the benefits of America.

        Now, that that’s out of the way:

        It doesn’t matter that I am. There is a system more powerful than me that classifies me as African American. That means, I come from slaves. Hence, my last name is a slave master-given name, just like the majority of black people in this country. Period. I can claim whatever, but the system, the only one with the power to so, designates the failure to me. And, due to generational failure applied to my lineage, I, and all those who descend from that enslaved group, even going back as soon as my father and my grandfather who experienced that same failure, are owed something more than anyone. Me being mixed with Native Indian and Spanish is irrelevant.

        Also, which I have stated on this page many times before if you would read, there are many ways corrective action can be applied for my group specifically, and it has been done before. You’re not reading. You’re just responding. I’m taking the time to explain things very clearly and you’re skimming over stuff and pinging me back with these anecdotal responses. You have the luxury to do that. Affirmative Action, not what we were fully owed but a starting point, was intended specifically for us, but then it got diluted ( That administration originally made it SPECIFIC FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS–as a tribe. I’m not saying other issues don’t matter. I’m saying other issues can’t properly get fixed until this country rectifies it’s original sin of white supremacy. Me claiming a specific tribe, which other groups do which you have no problem with, is not saying other things don’t matter. When it comes to obtaining tangible benefits for my specific group, that always just seems to get put on the back burner and we’re not falling for okiedoke anymore.

        Also, you’re extremely arrogant to assume I don’t study my forefathers every day of my life. You’re assuming it’s easy to even get people understand the need for redress. Dr. King started pushing for reparations later on in the civil rights movement, and they put a bullet in his head for that because that DID actually threaten the white power structure, unlike integration and immigration which he figured out later on toward the end of his life. Don’t ever disrespect me again by telling me to study my forefathers. You need to, in-depth, and not just what they taught you in school and what CNN teaches you about them.

        You’re also very arrogant in implying that I and community members haven’t tried to educate black people on how deep we’ve been cut by this system, and how to influence politics in a way in which we need it to make us whole. You have to understand the amount of social engineering and propaganda we’re up against, and how, even I and people like myself can make a passionate, data-based, historically contextualized, arguments and still have folks like you sit up here and tell me you want a “step-by-step” plan when you can’t even grasp the severity of wound inflicted on black society ( and when you haven’t put for the effort of trying to comprehend it. But you can sit up here and tell me solutions I’ve presented ain’t good enough or don’t sound like how you want them. Come on.

        It’s very simple. It’s the politicians job, which I and others like me have been advocating, to get in touch with what the people need, and it’s our duty to make a case for what we need. If you, as a politician are doing that, you’re not a politician. You can’t make a case without knowing how deep you’ve been cut. That’s why I educate (THAT’S PART OF A SOLUTION). It might not seem like a solution to you, because you ain’t living in the heat of it every day.

        If enough of us do get mobilized around the cause of redress, which more and more of us are beginning to, we have to go through every metric in which those who descended from American African chattel slaves have been systematically targeted and discuss, basted off the data, how the resources are going to be redistributed to rectify that. But that has to take place on a local, state, and federal level nationwide, and to do that takes constantly informing the people of this violation of the Constitution that has been committed against us for hundreds of years.

        We can’t get a dam voice at the table because you got people so devoted to a dam party’s values instead of what we’ve been asking about all along, when black folks like myself try to speak up as a group, we get the “Well y’all can’t just ask for something for yourselves” talk, but LGBT, and the immigrants, and the Native Americans, and the Feminist expect us to know their issues and support them, and we do, and they GET ACTUAL STUFF PASSED. These groups, for the most part, DO NOT take to even fully understand that generational holocaust that comes with “blackness”, and the “color” assigned by colony elitist hundreds of years ago–a system based on whiteness that was never replaced.

        The fact you’re waiting on step-by-step instructions without even taking the time to understand what kind of catastrophic brokenness has taken place in black society and the lack of Democratic party’s effort to address and remedy is arrogant. And then to have the gull to compare me, for saying we’re a tribe, to white supremacist, just shows me the liberal heartbleed mantra has been thoroughly ingrained in you subconscious. I know because I used to preach that same “we’re all in this together” nonsense because I learned what I know now.

        TA-NEHISI COATES ( has a book making the case for reparations. I’ve read and studied that extensively. I’m currently writing my own Code of Conduct under white supremacy I’m publishing and putting out to the public for free. I’m not waiting for step by step instructions to educate myself and others on what black reality is and where it’s headed. There’re no shortcuts–only setting aside time to read, watch documentaries, listening to firsthand accounts, reviewing the data, and really immersing yourself in this thing, every day, to understanding what we’re up against and how to challenge it.

        One Love,
        The Stormy Poet





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