#ADOS and/or RWS (The Best Path for Black Folks?)

Hello Eye Wall Comrades

I hope this day is treating you all well.  You all know my saying: If there is anything going on in your life causing you to feel depressed or making you feel like you’re of no value and you need someone to talk about it with or someone with access to different professionals who can help you work through those issues, always feel free to reach out to me.  I am all ears, and I will make the time to listen to you.  We all need to vent, and I’m more than happy to listen.

Today I wanted to express what I believe, based off of the extensive evidence I’ve gathered over the years about how white supremacy operates, is Black America’s best action plan moving forward in the way of surviving and dismantling the system of white supremacy we’ve been subjected to ever since we set first foot on this continent.

I, like most of you reading this, study many personalities who perform racial injustice advocacy and activism.  I try not to take in too too much of the analysis they all broadcast because I don’t want their specific way of comprehending and viewing white supremacy, based off where they are at in life, shaping how I should see and react to it; I like to read and investigate on a daily basis in order to come to my own conclusions, based off where I’m at in life, not just follow what other people say to do.

But, every Monday, which I’ve designated as my “news day” (the only day I watch and listen to what’s going on the media), I hear and/or read the materials of people like Tariq Nasheed, The Black Authority, and Professor Black Truth.

The other 3 black media personalities I follow and, like the others, greatly respect are Antonio Moore, Yvette Carnell, and Neely Fuller.  These three, also like the others, have done painstakingly thorough and in-depth analysis and commentary on how America’s black population has been systemically disenfranchised in every area of life under white supremacy and on the multi-generational effects caused by purposeful and well-calculated subjugation.

Last night on my ride home from work, I had the chance to listen to the playback of Neely Fuller’s online radio show on YouTube, The Compensatory Concept.  This broadcast is based on Mr. Fuller’s book, “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide.”  People call in to ask him questions about how to navigate in a world completely governed by the white supremacists–which the book provides Mr. Fuller’s codified method of doing so.

And, to provide further clarification and reasoning as to why I believe there is a specific path American black society should take in moving forward, I, based off the perspective Mr. Fuller provides in his book and off my own investigation, fully agree all non-white people of the Earth are completely subjected to and dominated by the system of racism/white supremacy (the world being a global prison for all non-white people). 

That being said, I also understand there are countries and nations, the majority of which the white supremacists with the most power have drawn up the borders to, and white supremacy operates at different capacities in different places.  This means the degree to which a particular group of non-white people is specifically harmed or disenfranchised is determined by the way those territories are specifically governed.

Although the core belief of white supremacy is the same no matter how severely it is implemented and although (even if they may fight amongst one another some times) they will set their differences aside when it comes to getting on the same page and protecting the system, the treatment of non-white people varies all over the world. 

One specific group of non-white people are known as ADOS, the acronym for “American Descendants of Slaves.”  The term was coined by grassroots black media news analysts Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore (aka Breaking Brown and Tone Talks).  They, alongside economist and reparations researcher Sandy Darity from Duke University, originated the term years ago, and, just recently in light of Democratic Senators Kamala Harris and Corey Booker announcing their bid for the presidency, the “ADOS” term has become part of a national mainstream conversation.

When pressed on what specific political agendas Sen. Harris and Sen. Booker had planned specifically for black people once in office, many black folks, including myself, believed their responses echoed the same ol’ canned, benign neglect rhetoric the Democratic Party has pacified African Americans with for decades.  Many, myself included, rallied behind the #ADOS hashtag and vigorously condemned them both for their vague and insufficient answers. 

ADOS refers to a specific group of non-white United States citizens who are the descendants of this country’s original Africans, chattel slaves, forcibly brought to America.  This particular group has been relentlessly targeted via systematic disenfranchisement, which has been continuously sanctioned and funded by the United States Government: 400-plus years of slavery, the inadequacy of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, lynching (racist terrorism), convict leasing, redlining, The War on Drugs, eminent domain, and mass incarceration. 

This unprecedented mistreatment has led to the physical, psychological, and economic genocide of this group and has, based on the data, collectively cemented this group of people as a bottom class.  While, at the same time, the immense wealth and power that originated and was generated off countless black bodies continues to amass in white families and calcify through lineage

Bottom line, which Yvette and Tone have tirelessly preached, is that ADOS are reaching a critical point at where we will not have have the basic necessities of what we need to survive as a group.  Hence this is why there’s a need for the “ADOS” title to signify a specific group who has been specifically harmed in a very specific way and who needs specific tangible as remediation for the damage done to that group (not including “all people of color,” immigrants, poor whites, women in general, LGBT members, brown people, Asians, or any other group).

A guest caller on the Compensatory Concept asked Neely Fuller about what he thought about the ADOS group making a specific claim for reparations to the United States Government.  Mr. Fuller’s response, one based on codified logic as he always does, said “When you start talking about compensation, according to the textbook, we say one thing: ‘Replace the whole system of white supremacy with a system of justice.” 

While I do believe the system of white supremacy must be replaced on a global scale eventually, in regards to his response, I feel I must exercise my VGQ rights, not necessarily out of disagreement but in the spirit of adding context for the sake of producing the most constructive result.  Becuase as his book says, we still need to, as non-white people, perform our own analysis, to think for ourselves, to form our own conclusion, not just follow. 

When it comes to the condition of ADOS in America, as a result of being obliterated in every social metric to a name for hundreds of years, the compounded cost of the failure attached to the creation of “blackness” specifically by this country’s forefathers, is reaching critical mass. 

Unfortunately, being that we live in a global prison system, as Mr. Fuller’s book points out, we have to request certain provisions from our prison masters, just like how Andy Dufresne requested the library from the state in the movie Shawshank Redemption–a movie Neely Fuller references heavily on the show.

White supremacy might be the root disease of what black people are dealing with, but sometimes the symptoms, like pneumonia, can cause deadly conditions.  White supremacy has placed us, ADOS, squarely in a deadly position we must deal with RIGHT NOW before we can have the collective strength to deal with the virus.   

Without redress, in the form of a political agenda meant specifically for ADOS to remedy a specific kind of injury that’s been done to our group, we won’t even be in existence to practice a codified response nor replace the system of white supremacy with a system of justice

As Neely Fuller has also said, we have to make the best of what we’ve been afforded to try and deconstruct the prison.  The option of reparations, which have been extended to other non-white people throughout history, is one of the things we’ve been afforded. 

If compensation and protection are given to us, there stands the possibility of us building an economic base so that we can compete economically with white capitcal and of us having the resources of expanding our own media influence which could stand as a counter-narrative to white supremacist propaganda arm society is subjected to.  These are constructive results that weaken the system of white supremacy.  

Both identifying ourselves as ADOS, in order to make a specific claim to the United States Government, and navigating our racist society in a very codified manner are actions that compliment one another.  On one side of the house, you’re dealing with the specifics of what kind of work it will take, piece-by-piece and step-by-step, to dismantle and have the power to challenge the system effectively.  The other side deals with the system in a broader sense and what the ultimate goal is.

Both tools can be utilized without one excluding the other.  I feel this is our best path moving forward.   



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