Black People on Dealing with Politicians

Based on what I’ve learned as to how the system of white supremacy works and what black people have to work with as far as gaining any type of progress as a group while living under this disenfranchisement, I formulated some straightforward and practical steps when it comes to dealing with politicians, all across the board.

Firstly, I must say, knowing where your politician is going to be is important.  You cannot advocate for what you’re group needs if you are no present where they are.

Secondly, all politics, from the local school board to Congress, matter to black people, and it is vital for us to become politically educated on how all levels of government operate.  Being uneducated in politics is a luxury we DO NOT have time for living in this current state of America.

Thirdly, politicians are not there to be “liked;” they’re there to serve your best interests, nothing more and definitely nothing less. 



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