My Reupload of a Video YouTube Tried To Censor

Greeting Eye Wall Family,

I wanted to share this information because I felt it is nothing short of lifesaving. 

The Black Authority, a channel on YouTube that provides media with the best interest of black people in-mind, uploaded a video named “The 5 Steps to Nazi Germany – 2019 Update.”

In this broadcast, a brother by the name of Jason Black, someone I highly look up to and respect, simply narrated the parallels of how America treats its black population and how the Nazis treated the Jews in Europe.  

Nothing about his video promoted violence.

Nothing about his video supported Nazi agenda.

His broadcast was historically accurate.  He even pulled information from a History Channel broadcast about Nazi Germany to make his claim.  

Furthermore, he made a very compelling and thorough case as to what America has in-store for its black population.  

YouTube, in response, placed unnecessary restrictions and bans on the video, making it very difficult to distribute to the masses. 

So, as was given permission by Jason Black, the author of the channel, I am reuploading it so it can be viewed and shared without the same restrictions.  I feel this broadcast is something everyone living America needs to hear and that it should become part of our daily discussions.  

I do this out of respect for the tireless and immense effort Mr. Black has put in towards informing the masses about how systematic white supremacy operates. 


One Love & One Justice,

#PoethnicJustice #Nazi #SystematicRacism #Holocaust #WhiteSupremacy #OneLoveOneJustice #EndWhiteSupremacy

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