White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction

The Chynal Lindsey murder was horrible.  Whoever did it needs to be severely punished.

The murder of Muhlaysia Booker is disgusting. The individual(s) who is/are responsible deserve to be punished to the fullest degree, no doubt about it.

The killing of Brittany White was horrific, and whatever evil and demented psycho who committed the crime deserves to be punished with life in prison and nothing short of it.

You know what, though, Timothy Loehmann deserves to be punished with life in prison for killing 12-year-old Tamir Rice.  But, instead, he wasn’t even indicted for taking the life of a child, for merely playing with a toy gun in an open-carry state.

Carolyn Bryant who lied about a child wolf-whistling her, with the intentional motive of getting 14-year-old Emmett Till harmed (because white supremacists live for the mistreatment of black people) is still walking around free as a bird.  She was never punished even though she admitted to lying about Emmett Till flirting with her.

No one in the Waller Police Department was held accountable for the death of Sandra Bland, even when it was found by the FBI that the PD did not follow required policies, including time checks on inmates and ensuring that employees had completed required mental health training. A woman who had no prior history of mental illness nor suicide attempts supposedly hung herself in a jail cell, over a routine traffic stop.  Let that sink in for a minute, folks. 

Another black person was recently, in 2019, found hanging in the same cell she was by the way, but nevermind that.

Betty Shelby, a cop who murdered an unarmed black man by shooting him the back, while his hands were up and while he was on film, was not only acquitted but was also given a nice comfy job back in law enforcement with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

Johannes Mehserle wasn’t given life in prison for unjustly murdering Oscar Grant, who had a 4-year-old daughter at the time by the way.

No one was punished for the horrific murder of Trayvon Martin.

William Feldman, who used a banned choke holding technique to murder Freddie Gray, was not punished.

Linda Fairstein, who is now a successful mystery writer, played her part in falsely accusing 5 children of raping a woman and sending them to the demonic concentration camp, know as American prison, was never punished.  The new Netflix series, When They See Us,  portrays how going to prison ruined their lives.  

No one was punished when 2 police officers (who the white media valiantly protected by not releasing their names) of the Coral Springs Police Department viciously beat a helpless black 14-year-old girl. The feminist groups said nothing, even though it was a woman who was being abused by men. 

No one was proclaiming that these cops where practicing toxic masculinity or that they were a reflection of male patriarchy. It was briefly cycled through the headlines and then quickly forgotten about.

There was no consistent national outcry, except for a few individual black people, in response instances of the unconstitutional treatment of black people, especially not to the level overwhelming condemnation we saw when Christine Blasey Ford, a white woman, accused Bret Kavanaugh of rape.

No groups–the groups we supposedly have “intersectionality” and “allyship” with, like feminist organizations, the LGBT community, nor the Democrats, the Native Americans, the #MeToo and #TimesUp crowd, the environmentalist–consistently advocated for these causalities of white supremacy. And, they never do.

They do not specifically call out white supremacy and the way it functions, with its foundation being anti-blackness

Black people who were enslaved for hundreds of years in America and who made it possible for America to become the economic superpower that it is were never compensated for their free African labor, and there is no national outcry for their descendants of deserving financial compensation.

Currently, based on the data, there are more black males in prison than all women incarcerated on the face of the planet. There is no national outcry for that.

Currently, based on the data, due to the historical systematic disenfranchisement of black people, the median black family has a net worth of only worth $1,700. When it comes to white families, in contrast, you’re looking at $116,800.  There is no national outcry for this economic genocide occurring right under our noses.

Whenever it comes to issues, ones that aren’t related with something to do with sexual preferences and sexual self-identity, that specifically affect African Americans who descend from American slavery, there is never ever ever ever a national outcry.

Systematic racism has endured for centuries because those who believe in it and practice it in different positions of power have become masters at promoting confusion amongst black society and at creating distractions to keep us from dealing with the biggest threat to democracy and to humanity we have on our hands–white supremacy.

Anyone who murders anyone deserves to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.  Anyone who mistreats anyone deserves to be punished. However, what I’ve seen become more and more prevalent in the news cycle is how black transgender people are being mysteriously killed.

Black people, due to the economic deprivation situations racially targeted laws have created, are having to sell drugs to put food in their cabinets, poisoning one another in the process, every single day. Black people are in the ghettos across America fighting and slaughtering each other over the turf in which to sell those drugs every day.  Black men are being raped and killed with impunity in American prisons, when in many cases they are disproportionately sent there based on non-violent charges, every single day.

There is never a national outcry. I don’t see these issues consistently circulating in the news cycles nor do I see them being consistently discussed on my social media feeds.  So why, all the sudden, does the media give a dam about black people when it’s transgender black people being murdered? 

They sure as hell don’t care when our men, women, and children are losing their lives to this system that protects, aids, and incentives the 24/7 brutalization of black people.

The white media never makes the constant unconstitutional treatment of black people in this country a forefront headline, but now, out of nowhere, they are cranking out story after story about transgender black people being murdered.  Nevermind these cops who are getting slaps on the wrist or who are walking around free as air after unjustly murdering black people, when they made an oath to protect us.

Black people, specifically those who descend from American slavery (“blackness” was created to designate a group to be a permanent underclass), don’t have a widespread transphobia nor homophobia issue on their hands; they have a “system of white supremacy” problem, based on the data–one that completely controls what quality of life of a non-white person will have. And, that system has done so for centuries.

Systematic white supremacy is the single greatest threat to black people, and if the media isn’t openly and consistently reporting about that, it is, IN NO WAY, any other message they’re pushing is not in the best interest of black people.  This is why following publicly funded news sources, such as spaces like this, is so important. 

Because, everything else they report not related to exposing how this wicked system functions exists to promote confusion and to deflect your attention away from the detriment it is inflicting on American blacks.


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8 thoughts on “White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction

    1. Kelly,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my work. You, indeed, spot on. Question everything that looks out of place. If a certain discourse didn’t originate in the black community and they come presenting us with their discourse, we always need to assume it is not in our collective best interests.

      One Love & One Justice,

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