Origins of Racism: Why “White” & “Black” Were Invented

Fellow Comrades,

The majority of us already know, the system racism/white supremacy expresses itself in every area of our society. However, when the subject of racism is discussed, the focal point tends to be the symptoms of racism rather than its root cause.

Typically, the expression of racism in our society gets chalked up to people just being ignorant or people who have some inexplicable hatred or bigotry for non-white people. Very seldom is the questions asked, how did this concept called racism (white and black) even get started. And, better yet, why was it created.

In this edition of #PoethnicJustice, I delve into the origins of systematic racism, why the concept of black and white was created, and how it has been able to persist for so long, even though it was created hundreds of years ago. You’re not going to want to miss this, family.

One Love & One Justice,

(Inventing Black & White –

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