The Reason I Took a Hiatus for Several Months

As many of you may have noticed, I’ve haven’t been posting on here regularly the past several months, and it’s been for a very good reason.  I’ve been taking the time to compose my third book, “Code of Conduct Suggestion Guide for Surviving, Comprehending, and Fully Dismantling Systematic Racism/White Supremacy.”

Composing this book required a painstaking amount of research, and I wanted to pull my all into so that it could be as factually rock-solid as humanly possible.  Many of the statements made in the document sound hyperbolic in nature in regards to racism/white supremacy, so I had to back each one of them up with verifiable evidence.  I’m pleased to save I’ve completed composition and editing, and I’m simply waiting on my co-editor to finish her editing.  

There is no shortage of mouthpieces available to talk about how bad racism is and how we need to get rid of it. The question seldom asked is, just how are we to effectively accomplish that?

Is it by spreading more love and understanding?

Is it by having more diversity and inclusion?

Is voting for the Democrats the answer?

Is better education the solution?

Why has racism persisted so long in our society, and how did it come to exist in the first place?

On January 31, all these questions will be answered. 

I will be setting up a Patreon account, I will re-continue contributing pieces on my website, I will have a more significant presence on social media, and I will regularly continue uploading my podcast content.

I appreciate everyone’s patience. This piece took a while, but trust me. It was beyond worth it.


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