Giving Money to What We Want & Not to What Empowers Us

Media requires money to continue operating.  News outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, NPR are all funded by individuals who want media to work in their interests by shaping the minds of the public.  By doing so, they understand media can influence the masses to operate in a way that shapes the society to work in their favor.  Therefore, rather than you receiving accurate and reliable information and rather than you being shown honest and unbias journalism, you're presented half-truths or just all-out falsehoods that are impractical and inapplicable to your daily life.

You need a media platform that provides you only with the kind of information you can actually apply to your own life to empower yourself and the people around you.  You don't need a media apparatus flooding with useless information on a daily basis, all for the purposes of keeping society focused on the wrong topics.

This is your media, and every dollar you put behind it empowers it so that it can empower you.  I provide beneficial services, such as a variety of literary artworks, political and social analysis, and lifestyle guidance with no charge, so I rely on the willful monetary contributions of community members such as yourself to continue providing the quality material listeners and viewers, like yourself, deserve–information that enlightens and enriches you.    

If you believe the message presented on this platform speaks to your life situations, every dollar amount you contribute helps keep that message flowing vigorously.

Far too often, we spend money on things that financially empower others while, at the same time, not investing in causes that empowers ourselves.  Those with power, wealth, and influence fund media that push their agenda, and you should fund media that pushes yours.  

The Eye Wall is YOUR media, and only YOU can cultivate and grow it.  

Monthly Contribution of $5: Patreon
One Time Contribution of Any Amount: PayPal or Cash App: $TheStormyPoet

One Love & One Justice,

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