Black Writers Have No Support Groups Like White Writers

Poethnic Justice Family,

I took this audio from one of my writing meetings I host here in Tarrant Country, TX called Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant (WRT), a group I started so local writers and artists in the area could have a place to actually discuss and explore the craft of the language arts. The splendid young lady I’m speaking to goes by the pen name Nai Williams (

Our meeting dialogue gravitated towards the issue, being that we’re both black writers, on how black novelist and poets don’t have the same types of support networks and peer groups white writers have, which makes it extremely difficult for us to stay motivated as artists.

In this edition of Poethnic Justice, where I like to cover how literary art is an effective tool in fighting white supremacy, we discuss some solutions to this dilemma that all black writers face. Please feel free to join the discussion. 

One Love & One Justice,


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2 thoughts on “Black Writers Have No Support Groups Like White Writers

  1. I have been searching for a community as I pick up creative writing again, and I have realized that the support groups in my areas are predominantly white. There are a few Black support groups around too that I hope to get involved in.

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    1. The Jhay Spott,

      Sista, I really do feel you on that one, truly.

      I went through that same struggle of trying to find a support group for many many years here in Texas. I used to go to poetry groups (most of which were slam groups that were competition-based that weren’t about the craft itself), YA groups, and groups who were more about people just about getting drunk rather than trying to explore and dive deep into the actual craft of literary art itself.

      I ended up starting my own group because I got tired of the pretentious, snobby, and counterproductive atmosphere of those groups. I wanted a safe haven for people to just come and discuss the ins-and-outs of the craft.

      I actually just secured a location to have my physical meetings again after about a 10-month hiatus. My plan is to host those meetings live eventually so that writers like yourself can take part in the group no matter where you’re at in the world. You’re definitely welcome to join us should you choose to, ma’am.

      We black writers need support groups like everyone else, and they’re vital to our success. In the meantime, I hope you find a supportive and knowledgeable black writing family to help you achieve your full potential. mos def

      Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to leave commentary. It is wholeheartedly appreciated.

      One Love,
      The Stormy Poet

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