“Loving” Away Systematic Racism Doesn’t Work


I made this presentation in response to a comment that was left in regards to an article I posted entitled, "Black People, It's Time To Get Armed." (
https://goo.su/FvEFia), which expressed the need for black people to take advantage of their right to bear arms a means of protection in a society that is hostile and violent towards us.

As has been the case historically and in the modern-day, black people have been encouraged by the dominant society and other non-black groups to seek peace and understanding with those who mistreat them, to turn the other cheek when they've been systemically abused over the span of centuries, and to not take a proactive stance in anticipating and expecting that violence will be done to them or their loved ones while living under a state of systematic racism.

Often, I hear individuals express, if we could just all come together and hold hands and somehow get those who desire to mistreat black people that we are just as human as white people, that there is some way to "love away" the system of white supremacy. My question to that sentiment: What is love?  

Should we love the top percentile of white families who hoard the majority of this country's wealth–wealth that was built up through free African chattel slavery and Jim Crow which didn't allow African Americans effectively compete economically?  

What's love got to do with it?

To me, as I state in the podcast, "love" equals "justice." Are people ready to advocate and put in the kind of work it takes to bring about that justice?

One Love & One Justice,
The Stormy Poet

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